Lore:Shrouded Vale

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Shrouded Vale
Type Cave
Continent Tamriel
Province Valenwood
Region Greenshade
Appears in ESO
Shrouded Vale ca. 2E 582

The Shrouded Vale is a cavern found in the region of Greenshade, within the province of Valenwood. The Shrouded Vale contains the Shrouded Hollow, a village in a pact with the Wilderking. Every one-hundred years or so, a caretaker is left alone to provide for the Fading Tree. In return, the Wilderking provides a safe haven for the Shrouded Hollow, causing the village to disappear, only coming back every hundred years to choose a new caretaker.[1] Like various other natural caverns in Tamriel, the Shrouded Vale served as a capillary for the living body of Nirn, to pulsate the living essence of the Aedra who created it.[2]


It is unknown when the Shrouded Hollow was established, when their pact was formed, or how many caretakers there have been for the Fading Tree. One of the two known caretakers, Henodras started his role in 2E 482.[1] Sometime during his service, the Lhargash Clan of Wood Orcs inhabited the southern valley, near the cave's south entrance. After his one-hundred-year service, the Shrouded Hollow returned to the cave, and a new caretaker was needed. The Fading Tree had chosen the young Erunor to be the new caretaker. However, the ever-present Lhargash Clan proved to be a threat to the community and following the choosing ceremony, the Lhargash invaded the Shrouded Hollow. A wandering traveler helped the Shrouded Hollow during the assault, and slain the Lhargash War-Captain. Following the attack, Erunor was given a dire choice, to stay with his pregnant wife, or remain in Tamriel as the caretaker of the Fading Tree. It is unknown what he chose, but regardless, the Shrouded Hollow disappeared from the cave.[3] Assuming that Erunor stayed behind with the Fading Tree, his service as the caretaker would have ended in 2E 682.



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