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Lore:Orcs: Monsters or Misunderstood?

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Orcs: Monsters or Misunderstood?
A brief essay on the creation and virtues of the Orcish race

Think Orcs are simple beastfolk, one of the Goblin races? Think again!

Trinimac, strongest of the Altmeri ancestor spirits, gave birth to the powerful and proud Orcs. When he was changed by the Daedric Prince Boethiah, his people changed as well, becoming the Orcs we know today.

These noble creatures display unshakeable courage in battle. They demonstrate uncompromising endurance in hardships that would overwhelm anyone of another race. Widely feared and hated, the Orcs have nevertheless slowly won acceptance in the Empire.

Orc society is imagined to be rough and cruel, but there is a fierce loyalty that runs deeply through their culture. Their armorers produce some of the finest armor in all the land, demonstrating conclusively that Orcs aren't the monsters our campfire stories make them out to be.

That said, make no mistake: Orcs are fierce and strong, and their ability to wage war should not be underestimated. An Orc is more likely to strike first than start up a conversation, and that strike is always meant to maim or kill. Their physical size and prowess make them gravitate toward two-handed weapons, which they wield with wild abandon.

Do not mistake their frightening visage and towering size for stupidity or lack of culture. They might be despised and feared (the latter with good reason), but anyone who dismisses them as mindless monsters does so at great peril.