Lore:Malondo Stone


Malondo Stones are golden crystals used by the Altmer and usually only found on the Summerset Isles. The stones are pieces of cut and enchanted Meteoric Glass, a rare form of Aetherial Fragment. Alongside Culanda Stones, they are an attempt at creating magical crystals similar to the Welkynd Stones and Varla Stones produced by the Ayleids. Unlike the Ayleid stones, which crumble to dust when harnessed by modern mages, Malondo Stones can be recharged and can be tapped by spellcasters as a source of magicka replenishment or to restore charge to enchanted items. Some scholars insist that the Malondo Stone improves upon Ayleid methods and can be cultivated like the Welkynd Stones once were, although others believe the Altmer simply discovered a more reliable method of recharging the original Ayleid stones.[1] Vitrified Malondo is used to create armor and clothing for the Psijic Order.[2]