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King Keirgo
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Died 2E 326
Reign 2E 309-
2E 326
Resided in Anequina

Keirgo was the Second Era King of Anequina, whose union with Queen Eshita of Pellitine in 2E 309 led to the founding of the Elsweyr Confederacy and peace between the long-feuding kingdoms. The northern kingdom, Anequina is known for its nomadic and warrior tribes and after the marriage, the main city of Ne Quin-al became the capital of the confederacy. Keirgo's attempt to keep the alliance together failed and later gave rise to the Mane.[1]


Keirgo was the King of Anequina in the early-mid Second Era, during the Interregnum. In 2E 309, Keirgo married Queen Eshita of Pellitine and formed the Elsweyr Confederacy. They are credited for the name of the modern-day province, "Elsweyr," which supposedly comes from the proverb, "a perfect society is always found elsewhere." It is also believed that the Kingship held that motto in mind throughout his career.[2] Although, the union brought a slew of controversy and conflict across the province. The public opinion was not in favor of the monarch as each side of the spectrum felt betrayed and reluctantly now shared their fortunes with idealistically different people. In some cases, the rift started to mend,[3] but in the large-scale, the marriage brought a great class struggle that briefly threatened to bring foreign intervention.[1]

The ancient tribes that formerly supported their own separate kingdoms were the greatest opposition to the nobility. Chieftains looked past their ancient sugar-vendettas and formed their own alliances that led to the destruction of several cities across Anequina. In the hopes of damage control and guidance, King Keirgo petitioned to the Second Empire, but Potentate Versidue-Shaie was assassinated by the Morag Tong in 2E 324 and the Empire itself was in a large state of disarray. Tension escalated further in 2E 326 when Khajiiti rebels sacked the capital-city, Ne Quin-al and massacred the royal dynasty. The political fabric had severely weakened and the province was in utter chaos. But eventually, things mended together with the intervention of the Mane, Rid-Thar-ri'Datta.[1][3]


  • Despite very similar names, Keirgo and Black Kiergo, the ruined slums beneath Senchal, have no relation whatsoever and mistaking them can be dangerous.[4]