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Lore:Janus Hassildor

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Count Janus Hassildor
OB-npc-Janus Hassildor.jpg
Count Janus Hassildor
Race Imperial Gender Male
Resided in Skingrad
Appears in Oblivion

Janus Hassildor was an Imperial vampire who ruled over the county of Skingrad during the late Third Era. Most of the people in Skingrad seem to have believed that Count Hassildor was eccentric or crowd shy, as he was rarely seen in public. He was also reputed to be a very powerful wizard. His policies made him a well-respected ruler despite his private nature, with crime and public drunkenness being virtually unknown under his tenure.[1] Although he was a vampire himself, he disliked the company of the others of his kind, claiming that they had given in to their animal urges. Indeed, other vampires were a problem for Hassildor, as they often took up residence around Skingrad. This in turn attracted many Vampire Hunters who often asked unwanted questions.[2] Janus' wife, Rona Hassildor, was also a vampire, however not being able to come to terms with her condition thus fell into a coma. This grieved the Count and so he enlisted the help of a stranger to find a cure for his wife.[3]


More than fifty years before the start of the Oblivion Crisis, Janus and his wife Rona would be visited by a vampire and were turned. While the count himself adjusted to the condition, his wife didn't. Refusing to feed, she eventually fell into a coma. Count Janus would then spend many years seeking a cure for his wife in order for her to find peace.[2]

In 3E 433, the Mages Guild would send a mage under false pretenses to collect a book from the count. Unknown to this mage, the real nature of their mission was to spy on the Count and determine if he was working with the Order of the Black Worm. The count suspected that his steward Mercator Hosidus was in league with the Order, however he was unwilling to make a direct move against him without first identifying his allies. The Count eventually would come to the aid of the mage and help defeat the necromancers.[2][4]

Sometime later, the Count was able to come across vital information of Mannimarco's return to Cyrodiil and his goal of destroying the Mages Guild. Unwilling to part with this information without a personal favor, he would recruit the mage sent to spy on him in dealing with the threat of vampire hunters who had come to Skingrad. It is unknown how the mage dealt with them, but the count, true to his word, would give the mage the vital information.[5] While not overly fond of the Mages Guild, he also didn't want to see it destroyed by Mannimarco and his worm cult.[2]