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Loremaster Celarus
ON-npc-Loremaster Celarus.jpg
Loremaster Celarus
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reign 3E 100-
Previous Ruler Valsirenn
Resided in Artaeum
Appears in ESO

Celarus was leader of the Psijics for at least 290 years as of 3E 400.[1][2] (Waughin Jarth records him as the leader of the Order as far back as at least 3E 110). Celarus was Loremaster of the Order under Ritemaster Iachesis and later Ritemaster Valsirenn by 2E 582.[3] He was the author of The Old Ways.[4] He was considered a wise scholar and thoughtful if remote sage who sought balance in all things. He was responsible for seeking and containing items and forces that could disrupt the Aurbic forces of Tamriel.[5]

One of the pieces of the Tales of Tribute, a popular card game originating from the Systres Archipelago played continent-wide during the Interregnum in Second Era[6] bore the image of Loremaster Celarus. A deck themed after him and the Psijic Order was part of the game.[7][5]

Response to Bero's Speech mentions a sage by the name of Celarus, though it's unclear if they're the same person.

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