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Carni Asron
Race Unknown Gender Male

High Wizard Carni Asron was a renowned teacher, mage and enchanter credited with creation of the legendary artifact Mentor's Ring.[1]


The Mentor's Ring (Legends)

Little is known of Carni Asron's background and past. Being a High Wizard, he was held in high esteem as a mage, known for instructing numerous apprentices and students under his guidance.[1][2][3]

At some point he created the Mentor's Ring. This powerful artifact was originally used as a tool to assist his young apprentices in their studies of the arcane. It possessed an extraordinary ability to enhance the wearer's intelligence and wisdom, thereby increasing the efficiency of their magical endeavors.[4][5][6] He died long before 3E 427.[1]

Following Asron's passing, the Ring, along with several other of the wizard's possessions, disappeared and eventually became widely circulated throughout Tamriel.[1] This fabled ring appeared in both Morrowind,[5][7][8] and Skyrim during the Third and Fourth eras, respectively.[6]

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