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Lore:BiPolar Blade

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BiPolar Blade

The BiPolar Blade is a strange artifact of some renown. According to legend, a nobleman sank his fortune into creating a longsword of supreme power. Two smiths on opposite ends of Tamriel created each half of the blade, unaware of the other, with the hope that no one man, save the owner of the blade, would know its true power. Unfortunately, the smiths were not given enough instruction, and created halves with enchantments that completely negated each other. One half of the blade is golden, and the other half is made of a brown metal. The sword is enchanted with the ability to both magically calm and frenzy a humanoid. These conflicting enchantments make the blade practically useless, although the calming effect is dominant.[1]

The blade is simply regarded as an expensive curiosity for collectors. By 3E 427, it had come into the possession of Sunel Hlas, a wealthy trader and widower living in Mournhold. It is rumored that Hlas relinquished ownership of the blade later that year,[2] and it was given to Torasa Aram to be put on display in her museum of artifacts.[1]

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