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A red Assassin Beetle

Assassin Beetles, once known to the Yokudans as Samara Scarabs,[1] are large, hostile scarab beetles found throughout Tamriel.[2] They usually appear in warm climates, such as the Alik'r Desert. Their shells are dark or red in color, and they have the ability to cloak themselves in shadow to strike their prey from behind.[3]

Assassin Beetles were originally native to Yokuda, likely the island of Samara. These ancestral Samara Scarabs only grew to the size of a loaf of bread, and were a popular family pet known for playing with children. After Yokuda's destruction in the First Era, Samara Scarabs were brought to Tamriel with the Redguards. However, once on Tamriel they began to continue growing to monstrous sizes as they matured, forcing the early Redguards to drive the beetles from their homes and into the wild, where they flourished and became baneful. To the Redguards, this transformation represented a lesson from the gods; they believe the Samara Scarabs were smitten by the Hunger of Sep, to teach even the youngest child a valuable lesson about the dangers of their new home on Tamriel.[1]

Assassin Beetles can be found across Hammerfell and the islands of the Abecean.[4] Some have even migrated through Valenwood and into the Colovian Lowlands of Cyrodiil.[5]


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