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Akha is a Khajiiti deity mentioned in some Pre-ri'Datta traditions, who was also known as the First Cat, the Pathfinder, and the One Unmourned. Early in his existence, Akha explored the heavens and his trails became the Many Paths, forming myriad kingdoms. As he was also the favored son of Ahnurr, he followed his father's advice to find love and mated across the corners of the world with beings from distant lands, including the Winged Serpent of the East, the Dune Queen of the West, and the Mother Mammoth of the North, resulting in numerous wayward children. However, he vanished after heading south and was never seen again. In the place of Akha, Alkosh appeared, and warned of the things Akha had made along the Many Paths. Taking over the role and crown of the First Cat, and inheriting rule over the myriad kingdoms of Akha along the Many Paths, Alkosh ruled over the children of Akha, but he was soon overthrown and his body scattered on the West Wind. It was Khenarthi who flew along the Many Paths and put Alkosh back together, and now they both "safeguard the Many Paths from the "wayward children of Akha" for "they are both terrible and kind".[1][nb 1]

Among the offspring of Akha, Alkhan is the most well-known. As the immortal firstborn son of Akha, he yearns for his princely crown, born of a demon of fire and shadow.[1]

One pre-ri'Datta Khajiit account describes how, during the Middle-Dawn, Boethra was called from her battle with Orkha by the Blue Star and transported atop the Adamantine Tower by Khenarthi. There Boethra saw the Selectives speaking lies in a way that made them true, drawing runes that were attempting to make it so that neither Akha, nor Alkosh, nor Alkhan, nor any Child of Akha, nor any of the myriad kingdoms Akha had created along the Many Paths, any of the lands he'd seeded and brought into his kingdom, had ever existed. Seeing the lie the Selectives were attempting to make real, Boethra, who had once been exiled to the Many Paths by Akha, started to wander if she had ever been the Daughter of Blades at all, or if it had all been a dream of someone who'd never existed, and felt something akin to fear for the first time. Knowing the Selectives must not succeed, Boethra calculated and enacted the cuts needed to destroy both them and the lies they'd attempted to make real. Than, sensing an opportunity created by their actions, she found a tunnel to the fate they'd sought. Boethra opened her eyes to twelve spinning wheels surrounded by fire revolving beneath two warring serpents, one a serpent of flaming feathers and crystal scales with a head like a hunting bird, and another a crimson eyed serpent of blackest scales and a white mane followed by all the Void, the truth within the lies the Selectives had sought. The flame-feathered serpent emanated rejection of all "Mannish impurity in all the known worlds", the dark serpent though surrounded by chaos emanated gentleness and love for the spirits of the worlds, and in it Boethra saw a fleeting chance for peace along the wheels. As the feathered serpent's beak found purchase beneath the scales of the white maned serpent Boethra, dodging through the wheels to reach, summoned all her blades and struck at it's eye, repelling it. Landing on the head of the dark serpent she drew upon it's black flames, forming a blade and armor as her mind was scorched with things that were and have yet to be. She named the hawk-serpent for what it was and, reciting the Will Against Rule, dashed forward, cutting concepts at strange angles and ending the Dragon Break. This event would later come to be known as the Division of Heaven by mortals who remembered the Middle-Dawn.[2]

However, new writings after Rid-Thar-ri'Datta's reforms do not mention Akha, along with Alkosh, Alkhan, and all the Children of Akha in that context, instead making mention solely of Alkosh and his role as the First Cat.[3]


  • 1.  The Wandering Spirits recounts the tale of Akha, who fathered offspring with the Winged Serpent, Mother Mammoth, and Dune Queen. Upon Akha's vanishing in the South, Alkosh "was granted rule over the myriad kingdoms of Akha along the Many Paths", and would watch over Akha's children. However, they rebelled against Alkosh, only for Khenarthi to restore him afterward. Together, they now oversee them.[1] The term "wayward children of Alkosh" was used by Clan Mother Tadali, a leader of a temple dedicated to Khenarthi, to describe dragons.[4] Moreover, the dragon Nahfahlaar referred to Alkosh as his father.[5]
  • 2.  Alkosh is also given the sobriquet "First Cat".[3]
  • 3.  In the Dunmeri myth From Exile to Exodus, there is mention of Azura's spell, the song, which includes the name of Akha among others: "UR DRA AMATHRA! FU ROZ ISA MAL AKHA."[6]
  • 4.  The Nine Coruscations, a religious text of Ayleid origins describes linear time being layered upon infinite possibility in connection to what happened to Aka in the south, how he learned why his insanity is all that is and could be, and by that lesson Ada-Mantia was established as a stable spire fixed by a stone of nothing-possible. This account might be a description of the disappearance of Akha in the south and the return of Alkosh in his place from a different cultural perspective.[7]