Legends:Silverhome on the Water

Legends: Story / The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood
Talk with Uther's messenger
Episode: The Missing Assassins
Story Characters: Kellen, Nagh, Uther's Messenger
Previous Quest: Episode 5 Intro
Concurrent Quest: Bravil Treasury and Skooma Den
Next Quest: Silverhome on the Water, Back Room
Reward: 3x Stealer of Secrets
Silverhome on the Water

The Missing Assassins: Silverhome on the WaterEdit

Silverhome on the Water is one of the initially available locations in The Missing Assassins. When you select it, you are greeted by Kellen's narration:

Kellen: "The agent found Uther's messenger in a room at Silverhome Inn. A strange noise sounded from a nearby room, but it did not immediately concern the agent. The messenger asked again if the agent had found the listener."
Nagh: "Did the agent tell him?"

You have two options at this point:

Tell Withold
Kellen: "Indeed. The agent urged Uther to make haste for Bravil." Kellen: "No. The agent dodged the question, assuring the messenger that progress was being made."

You will then continue to Silverhome on the Water, Back Room if the Bravil Treasury and South Bridge quests are completed.