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Andrew Rai
Birth date Feb 9[1]
Role(s) Modeler, artist[2]
Years active 1999–present[2]
Alias(es) mosiroar
Game credits The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Andrew Rai is a video game artist who worked on 3d modeling/texturing, animation/rigging, concept design, and Flash animation for Morrowind.[3]

He joined Bethesda in September 1999, his first official job after graduating from AIPX. He began working as a 3d generalist, creating assets for television, internet, and games, and learned skills in modeling, texture map painting, character animation, lighting, post FX (Adobe After Effects), video editing, and Flash. He received a Most Valuable Employee award during his time working at Zenimax.

Rai was laid off two years later due to 9/11, when a lack of investor funding caused the Los Angeles offices (e-Nexus Studios/ZeniMax Productions) to close.


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