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Bound Dagger causing CTD[edit]

Is anybody else completely unable to cast Bound Dagger on PC without the game crashing to desktop? I purchased it weeks ago from Talvas, but never attempted to cast it until today. No matter the conditions, as soon as the spell charges and I cast it, the "wooshing" sound plays and my character's hand drops, but the game crashes before the weapon materializes. I just tested it with all of my Bound weapon spells, and this occurs with Bound Dagger and Bound Sword, but not Bound Battleaxe or Bound Bow. --Xyzzy Talk 22:51, 30 November 2013 (GMT)

I had the same or a very similar problem. I was not able to cast the spell in my right hand but I found that I was able to cast the spell in my left hand. I did a Bing search for Skyrim Bound Weapons Glitch and found another wiki that was able to help me. Since I like this Wiki over any other, I will relate that information here so other people don't have to go searching.
I am not sure what causes this bug. It appeared on a fairly used save game of mine. When I loaded my clean save I use for testing mods with scripts I had no problem summoning any bound weapon. To me this seems like save corruption but I have no way of knowing for sure.
The simple fix is to use the Resurrect console command. (i.e. player.resurrect). The first time I tried this I got another CTD but I booted the game up and tried it again and I was able to use my bound pickaxe and bound sword again.
A WORD OF WARNING Using the resurrect command comes with its own problems to fix. It will wipe out your Active effects and some or all of your perks. This can be easily fixed with the console of course, but it is a good idea to write down all your active effects before using the command so that you can look up the form ID's afterwards. The perks you do not have to write down as they will all still look like they are active in the skills menu but the effects will no longer be applied. If you are using the Skyre mod you can easily fix the perks by using the respect potion and choosing all your perks again. If you are not using that mod getting your perks working again is a bit more time consuming as you have to look up each form ID by name in the console. After that you must first remove then add the perk manually.
Also make sure to remove and reequip all your armor and items so that you regain any effects they may give you.
More information on using the resurrect command Here. It is implied that saving and reloading the game after using the command will fix the perks but I have not tested this.
RadN3X (talk) 05:19, 16 December 2013 (GMT)
Good info, but this may be a case of the cure being worse than the disease :). I tried it again with the spell in my left hand, and the game still crashed. I'll try it on a new game in the next few days. --Xyzzy Talk 06:31, 17 December 2013 (GMT)