Daggerfall:Passive Creatures

Daggerfall: Bestiary

Various animals seen are passive creatures, which are non-hostile and unable to attack or harm you. They are essentially decorative to add to the atmosphere of towns, and cannot be attacked or killed as opposed to hostile creatures.


A camel

Camels are large animals found in towns in Hammerfell and in High Rock.


A cat

Cats are small animals that say "Meow!". They can be found in towns and temples.


A cow eating

Cows are taurine cattle that say "Moo!" and eat grass off the ground. They can be found around haycarts in towns.


A dog
Another variant of dog

Dogs are small canines that say "Woof!". They can be found in towns.


A brown horse
A black horse
For info on ownable horses, see Horse (Travelling).

Horses are equestrian mammals that say "Neigh!" and come in two coat colors, brown and black. They can be found around haybales in towns. Early screenshots showed that some npcs would ride on horseback.


A pig
Another pig

Pigs are livestock that say "Oink". They can be found in the grassy outdoor parts of towns or inside troughs.


A seagull

Seagulls are a common animal found in Hammerfell's and High Rock's towns.