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Daggerfall:Order of the Lamp

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"We of the Order of the Lamp are the protectors of the Mages Guild. We follow the Palantinus, under direct orders from the Archmagister. We are given appropriate rights to certain services at the Mages Guild. One's rank within the Order approximates ones rank within the Guild, in terms of rights and priveleges [sic]. The Order is only open to those who have already demonstrated fighting skills and are in good standing with the Mages Guild."

The Order of the Lamp is a sub-group of the Mages Guild. Though in-game text implies that it was originally intended to be a Knightly Order devoted to protecting Guild mages, it serves little function in the finished game. As a sub-group of the Mages Guild, gaining or losing reputation with the Guild will cause a subsequent gain or loss of reputation with this faction.

Political ViewsEdit

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Led By Mages Guild
Allies Phrygias