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Daggerfall Mod:FLATS.CFG

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The FLATS.CFG file is a 7-bit ASCII file which configures the textures, face, and gender of an NPC within Daggerfall. Because the file is a 7-bit ASCII file, lines are terminated by a CRLF pair, and records are terminated by an empty line or a line containing only white-space. Each field's value is described by a single line. The format of the contained FlatText (text-encoded flat structure) structures is defined below:

FlatText structure
Line Number Type Field Description
0 TextureIndex Texture Defines a Daggerfall Texture value. See decoding instructions below.
1 7-bit ASCII string Description A 7-bit ASCII string description for the flat.
2 Gender Gender The gender for the NPC. See enumeration below.
3 UInt32 Unknown1 Unknown Purpose.
4 UInt32 Unknown2 Unknown Purpose.
5 Int32 FaceIndex An index to a record from TFAC00I0.RCI to use when speaking with this NPC.

Decoding TextureEdit

To decode the Texture field, split the field's value by the white-space and convert the first (and should be the only two) strings into UInt32 values, index and file. file is the extension of the TEXTURE file to use, and index is the index of the specific record to use. Ex: "172 2" implies the third image from TEXTURE.172.

Decoding GenderEdit

Each Gender field can be preceded by '?', which marks the flat as obscene. Following this is a value indicating the gender of the NPC as per the enumeration below.

Gender enumeration
Value Gender
1 Male
2 Female