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Mazgar gra Yagash
Race Orc
Gender Female
Featured in Lord of Souls

Mazgar gra Yagash was an Orc woman and a member of the Imperial Legion. She claimed that her grandmother closed one of Mehrunes Dagon's gates during the Oblivion Crisis. Her mother died during the Sack of Orsinium when Mazgar was seven, reputedly having killed thirty of the Redguards and Bretons attacking the town. Mazgar carried a sword named "Sister".

Mazgar was ordered to guard an expedition of mages as they investigated the rumors of Umbriel, under the command of Captain Falcus, and in particular she was assigned to protect the mage Brennus. When the group spotted Umbriel, Mazgar marveled at the fact that it was real. She sensed that the island "saw" them despite the mages' enchantments to prevent detection, and her suspicion was confirmed when an army of dead creatures attacked. They decided to fight their way through to reach Umbriel.

Her squad reached the town of Mountain Watch not far from Cheydinhal and Captain Falcus ordered Brennus and Mazgar to investigate the town. They ordered the villagers to evacuate and escorted them to Cheydinhal; along the way, Mazgar befriended a young girl nicknamed "Goblin". As they neared the city, the dead army caught up with them. Mazgar helped carry a young boy with a malformed foot, but as the army grew closer, she told Brennus to take the children into the city and killed some of the nearest dead before retreating herself. She was able to rest once inside, and the following morning, she and Brennus went up the steeple of the Temple of Arkay, where he told her that dead were rising in town, and where they spotted Umbriel itself coming toward them.

Some time later, in a forest, Brennus healed Mazgar's wounds. The residents of Cheydinhal had evacuated the city, and several of Mazgar and Brennus' colleagues were killed in the fight, and the pair themselves had gotten separated from the others. During their travels they were attacked by a group of the dead, and it began to look a bit hopeless when Brennus' flame cleared and the pair discovered that they had been joined by a group of Knights of the Thorn. Their leader, Ilver Indarys, offered extra mounts, and they went with them to rejoin the group from Cheydinhal on the Blue Road.

Mazgar's commanding officer, Captain Arges, ordered the refugees and Imperial soldiers to split into two groups; Mazgar was reunited with Goblin when they were divided into the same group. Once they met up with other Imperial troops, the ranking officer, Commander Prossos, ordered Mazgar to watch over General Takar's forces as they took on Umbriel's dead army and to send a messenger if Takar was successful. He was forced to order a retreat in the end, however, and when Prossos told Mazgar that he was going to reinforce the Imperial City, she insisted upon coming along. Brennus reminded them both of Mazgar's original orders to protect Brennus, and declared that that meant that he'd be coming along too.

Mazgar was ordered to bring five hundred men across Lake Rumare by boat. The dead were in the lake, however, and they killed one of the men in Mazgar's boat. Eventually she and her troops reached the shore and joined in the defense of the city. A mortally injured soldier asked her to end his suffering, and she obliged, though she found it difficult to do so. She shared a brief rest with Brennus before returning to the fight.

Mazgar and Brennus fought against the dead as the creatures tried to get over the wall and Umbriel passed over it above. Brennus received a mortal wound in the fight, and Mazgar spoke to him, telling him that he'd been right earlier, that she does want children after all. She looked around to find that the dead have stopped moving, and when she turned her attention back to Brennus, she found that he was dead, and wept at his side until the sun rose.