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Rolf Long-Tooth (rolf long-tooth)
Location Solstheim, Isinfier Plains [-22, 23] (map)
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 42 Class Warrior
Other Information
Health 346 Magicka 126
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Faction(s) Skaal
Rolf Long-Tooth

Rolf Long-Tooth is a Nord warrior located up on a hill on the western shores of Lake Fjalding. He is part of a group of warriors participating in a ritual hunt.

He is wearing a Nordic mail cuirass with matching pauldrons, greaves, and boots. He is wielding a leveled Nordic weapon and he is carrying a torch. Aside from his natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield himself, and a natural frost damage spell, he knows no spells.

Related QuestsEdit

  • The Ristaag: Perform this Skaal ceremony by hunting the great Spirit Bear.

Quest-Related EventsEdit

If spoken to during the day:

"Come back at nightfall, my friend. We will perform the Ristaag only when the moons watch over us."

If spoken to at night:

"Greetings, %PCName. Korst Wind-Eye has told me much about you. You are to perform the Ristaag with us, pleasing the All-Maker."
"In the Ristaag, we hunt the Spirit Bear that is conjured by the Totem of Claw and Fang. When it is slain, we will return its heart back to Wind-Eye, who will ask for the blessings of the All-Maker. If the Ristaag fails, or does not succeed by daybreak, the All-Maker will be displeased. You will help ensure our success, friend."
ensure our success
"You will act as my second. You are to stay with me at all times during the Ristaag, and to follow my instructions exactly. You have proven your value to the Skaal, but now you must allow me to guide you through this night."

If asked the two topics again:

"I have explained the hunt to you, and how you will help ensure our success. Now we must see it through."
ensure our success
"As I said, stay with me and follow my instructions exactly. We will succeed."

If spoken to again during the hunt:

"Shhh...we must hunt carefully and quietly. There is no time to talk."

After Sattir is killed:

"Did you hear that? It came from near Sattir the Bold's path. Go to him, %PCName, and make sure he is well. Then, return to me so we may complete the hunt."
"Go! Investigate that sound. Go to Sattir and return to me."

Once you find Sattir's body:

"Sattir is dead? This is a bad omen. These creatures are dark spirits indeed, and they will try to disrupt the hunt. We will not allow this to happen. The loss of Sattir is great, but we must continue. Let us go."
"The hunt will be more difficult with Sattir dead, but we must see it through."

After Grerid is killed:

"What was that? Blast! These creatures are everywhere. Quick, find Grerid Axe-Wife! Do not allow the hunt to be disrupted! I will wait for your return."
"Quickly now! Check on Grerid Axe-Wife. I worry there are more of the beasts afoot."

Once you find Grerid's body:

"Axe-Wife is dead? No! She was a good warrior, and a good friend. We will not let this stop us, though. We two will continue until the Ristaag is complete."
"It is up to us to complete the Ristaag, my friend. We must not let our Skaal brothers down."

If spoken to again:

"You and I must continue the Ristaag. Only when the heart of the Spirit Bear is returned to Wind-Eye shall the All-Maker be pleased. Let us go."

Once the werewolves have been killed:

"We have defeated those creatures and honored our fallen comrades. Now, though, we must find the Spirit Bear and return its heart to Wind-Eye. You have proven yourself a valiant warrior. You shall lead the way for the rest of the Ristaag."

Once the spirit bear is dead:

"The Spirit Bear is dead, and the Ristaag is nearly complete. Remove the heart of the Bear. It must be returned immediately."

Once you have the heart:

"You have the heart! This is good. Return now to the village, and give the heart to Wind-Eye. You have done well tonight, %PCName. Rolf Long-Tooth calls you friend. I will remain here in these woods for a time. The All-Maker has chosen you to finish this journey alone. Good luck to you."

If you drop the heart:

"What have you done with the heart? Find it, and give it to Wind-Eye immediately!"

After the hunt is a success:

"What can Long-Tooth do for you?"

If the hunt failed:

"The Ristaag has failed. We waited too long to complete it. You should return to Wind-Eye and see what he has to say."


  • There is a chance that Rolf will continue to follow you, even after the Main Quest has been finished. His strong armor and weaponry, as well as the fact that he has torches in his inventory, make him an ideal traveling companion or bodyguard.
  • Coincidentally, he shares his first name with Rolf the Uber, a "big" Nord that M'Aiq the Liar claims may aid the player on his/her quests if asked about "Multiplayer", even though no such character exists in-game.