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Reinhardt Red-Spear (bm_reinhardt)
Location Fort Frostmoth
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 10 Class Hunter
Other Information
Health 97 Magicka 74
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Reinhardt Red-Spear

Reinhardt Red-Spear is a Nord hunter from Thirsk who can be found just outside the north gates of Fort Frostmoth.

He wears a wolf cuirass, a common shirt with matching pants and shoes, and a pair of gloves. He wields a huntsman spear, and also carries a huntsman crossbow and some matching bolts. Aside from his natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield himself, and a natural frost damage spell, he knows no spells.

While he is not directly involved in any quests, he has traveled Solstheim extensively, and can offer you a good deal of information about the regions beyond the fort.


  • Voice: "Be careful out here in the wild, friend. There's more roaming about than just wolves and bears."
  • Greeting: "So, you travel the wilds of Solstheim, just as I do? Here's a word of advice from one wanderer to another -- keep your eyes open and your wits about you. There's more than bears and wolves roaming about this island. If you find yourself face to face with the berserkers or fryse hags, sheathe your blade and get to running! If you need shelter, my kinsfolk at Thirsk will gladly take you in."

  • Berserkers: "They are called "bare-sarks" in the Nord tongue, beause [sic] of their insistence on going bare-chested even in the most severe blizzard. They're as crazy as they come, friend, and care only for savagery and murder. It is said they are so attracted to death, they make their homes in some of Solstheim's burial barrows. I've also heard [sic] of some kind of berserker "mother" but no one has ever seen her and lived to tell about it."
  • Fryse hags: "The fryse hags are mages dedicated to the teachings of Kyne, the widow of the god Shor. Each is a powerful sorceress skilled in the use of frost-based magic. They're vicious lasses, and view most people as a threat to their beliefs. They've been seen out in the wild, and in a couple ice caves."
  • Erich the Unworthy:
    • "Yeah, I know Erich. He's a good fighter but that mouth of his is going to get him killed one of these days."
    • "I heard about Erich's demise. Can't say I'll miss him much."
  • someone in particular: "If you get to Thirsk, heed the wisdom of Svenja Snow-Song. She has long been my good friend, and I have always known her advice to be sound."
  • Thirsk: "Thirsk is the finest mead hall you'll ever visit, friend. It lies north of here, to the east of Lake Fjalding. If you reach the Skaal village, you've gone to [sic] far. When you get there, see Ulfrun. She's in charge of the mead, and will gladly sell you a flagon or three."
  • Skaal: "They live in a village on the northeast end of Solstheim, and view the island's bears and wolves as sacred."
  • mead: "Surely you jest! Mead is the nectar of the god Shor! It's made from fermented honey, and is the finest drink ever to touch a Nord's lips."
  • Udyrfrykte:
    • "The Udyrfrykte? That's a children's tale, meant to scare the wee ones to get them in bed. Don't believe everything you hear."
    • "The mead hall has been attacked?! You mean to tell me the Udyrfrykte is REAL? I...I never would have believed it...."
    • "I bow before you, my chieftain! You have slain the Udyrfrykte and claimed Thirsk as your own. Only the greatest warrior could kill such [sic] ancient beast!"