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Blades:Arielle Themond

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Arielle Themond
Race Breton
Gender Female
Arielle Themond

Arielle Themond is a Breton gladiator who is first encountered during A Few More Questions.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

A Few More QuestionsEdit

"Did you need anything, Warrior?"
I just have a few questions.
"Huh. Are you some kind of investigator, or something?"
You could say that.
"I knew there was more to you than just another amateur."
Just helping out.
"Yeah, I saw you fight before. You're not bad, for an amateur."

Either option leads to:

"This is about the murders, isn't it? Everyone's talking about it."
Murder. What do you know about it?
"Not more than what's been going around. Volusianus was found dead in a swamp. Tragic end for a war hero, isn't it?"
War hero?
"Yeah. All of Martius Silius' teammates fought with him in the Great War."
You know this, right?
I've heard about it.
Refresh my memory.
"Sure, if you'd like. I thought everyone knew the Grand Champion's story... Martius Silius was a commander in the Imperial Legion. During the war, he and his men got separated from their legion. They ended up deep in Aldmeri-controlled territory and decided to make as much trouble there as they could. During that winter they raided camps at night, and attacked caravans bringing supplies to the front. This went on for weeks, until they re-joined the Imperial forces just in time for the Battle of the Red Ring. They were just a dozen left at that point, but they fought valiantly and helped retake the Imperial City. Silius was decorated by the Emperor himself, and then honorably discharged."

Either option leads to:

"Volusianus was his most trusted lieutenant. They've all known each other for decades."
And they keep to themselves.
"That they do. I'm not sure I'd ask them about any of this."
"They can get quite violent, even by arena combatants' standards. Don't say I didn't warn you."

Tournament: Arielle ThemondEdit

When approached in the arena:

"Hello again, Warrior. Any luck finding that murderer?"
'Not yet.
"Oh well. I'll try not to hurt you *too* much, so you can continue your investigation."
Thank you.
"Don't thank me. I'll still beat you!"
Just fight as you normally would.
"If you insist..."

Once defeated:

"I think... I may have underestimated you a little. You'll have... to give me a rematch... one of these days."