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Magic in Battlespire is straightforward. Contrary to the main Elder Scrolls games you cannot rest, therefore you cannot recover magicka passively. Spell points can only be restored by using potions, magical items, healing crystals or via spell absorption. There is a manageable number of spells you can use. Either you pick some of these spells during character creation, or you find a scroll which teaches you one of these spells during your quest.

By default every class in the game starts with at least one spell, even non-spell casting classes. During the course of the game you will find many enchanted items such as armor, clothing and weapons, which can also be used to cast these spells. Each use of such a magical item is as if you cast the spell by yourself, as it will train the respective magical school, the same goes for potions and sigils (sigils cast an etherealness spell on you, thus training the school of Thaumaturgy). Some enchantments, like Water Breathing or Magica Resartus can only be found on magical items, or on potions.

Available SpellsEdit

Icon Acquisition Cost
during character creation
Name School Description
  240 Cure Poison Restoration Cures any poison in caster's body and restores all attributes affected by poison.
  240 Dispel Magic Thaumaturgy Caster can dispel one spell from a list of all spells on caster and in immediate vicinity.
  240 Jumping Mysticism Allows caster to jump at twice his normal rate.
  240 Slow Fall Alteration Caster falls at a slow, safe speed and takes no damage from falls. Lasts for a given period.
  320 Cure Health Restoration Heals a certain number of hit points.
  320 Resistance Alteration Increases resistance to harmful effects of raw magica, fire, frost, shock, or poison.
  240 Detect Spell Mysticism Detects delayed action spells or spells fired within range of caster.
  360 Detect Enemy Mysticism Points to the nearest creature or monster not of the caster's team.
  400 Detect Invisibility Mysticism Allows the caster to see all invisible creatures.
  400 Monster Summoning Thaumaturgy Summons a random monster to attack a creature other than the summoner or his team.
  400 Slow Mysticism Decreases the Speed attribute of the target.
  480 Cause Damage Destruction Permits caster to strike and damage a target at hand or long range.
  480 Confusion Mysticism Causes periodic and random changes to movement and combat actions.
  480 Shield Alteration Protects the caster making him more difficult to hit in melee combat.
  480 Vampiric Drain Restoration Drains Attribute or Health Points from a target and transfers them to caster.
  560 Etherealness Thaumaturgy Caster can pass through many objects, monsters and other players in particular.
  560 Invisibility Illusion Renders the caster completely invisible. Lasts for a given period or until the caster is hit.
  560 Poison Restoration Inflicts poison damage on target until spell expires or Cure Poison removes the spell effect.
  640 Continuous Damage Destruction Inflicts damage on target until spell expires or Dispel Magic removes the spell effect.
  720 Delayed Damage Destruction Creates an invisible "mine" triggered by and causing damage on creature passing through area.
  720 Fire Shield Alteration Fiery aura around caster inflicts twice the damage suffered by caster upon the attacker.
  720 Spell Resistance Alteration Caster has a chance to resist any spell in addition to his normal save against magic.
  800 Teleport Thaumaturgy Caster can set an "anchor" in the world, or transport instantly to a previously set "anchor."
  880 Spell Absorption Mysticism Caster has a chance to absorb magic points of incoming spell, avoiding spell effects.
  960 Spell Reflection Thaumaturgy Spells on character may either: 1. hit normally, 2. reflect back, or 3. reflect in random direction.
  1040 Haste Mysticism Increases the Speed attribute of the target.

Summoning of CreaturesEdit

The type of creature you can summon depends on the game level on which you currently are. The Thaumaturgy skill doesn't matter, as it only influences the amount of magicka required to cast the spell. The duration a summoned creature will remain is about 30 seconds in real time (depending how fast the game is running, therefore it can be some seconds more or less). You can summon as many creatures as your magicka allows at a time. But you cannot summon creatures inside separate cells (featured on for example Level 6) like buildings, caves etc. When using the spell "Monster Summoning", the creature that was last killed will be the one you summon. When using an item with a summoning enchantment, the following rules apply:

If more than one creature can be summoned on a level, it seems hazard determines which one will be summoned in the end.

This table shows which creatures can be summoned on which level (this does not apply when casting the spell):

Game Level Summonable Creatures
Level 1 Dremora, Scamp, Vermai
Level 2a
Level 2b
Spider Daedra
Level 3 Ghost, Morphoid Daedra
Level 4 Dremora, Fire Daedra, Frost Daedra, Seducer, Dark Seducer
Level 5 Fire Daedra, Frost Daedra
Level 6 Clannfear, Dark Seducer, Seducer
Level 7 Dark Seducer, Wraith

Summoning a creature to your "aid" is a mixed blessing however. If the creature can cast spells, which most creatures can do, it will attack you, in most cases immediately after it is summoned. This applies to both using the spell and using enchanted objects. When the summoned creature's spells are used up, it will attack the closest enemy, e.g. will stay at the summoner's side until it detects an enemy or vanishes when the duration of the summoning has expired. This unhelpful behavior seems to be another glitch left in the game, even with the latest patch (v1.5).