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Hi there, I'm Wrye, semi-active monkey admin and Oblivion/Morrowind meta-modder, and this recommendations page is a bit of an experiment. Since recommendations are inherently subjective, the usual "anyone can edit" approach of the wiki doesn't really work. So instead this page is considered to be "authored" by me. If you'd like to see something on the list, please suggest it on the talk tab, but don't add it to this page directly. Thanks... --Wrye 01:40, 20 April 2007 (EDT)

Cool Oblivion Videos

I don't play that many mods, and most of the one's I do play are already well known, so there's not much point in listing them. But one thing that I find very cool are the videos that are showing up. So here's a listing of the video's that I find to be cool. (Except for the Chuck Norris thing -- but at least it's very well done!)

Adoring Fan Slayings

Ahh, the Adoring Fan! The most hated, reviled and murdered of adoring sidekicks! Tons of videos on his end at Dive Rock, but this one says, "Why stop there??" Special appearance by a Daedroth Horde.

Chuck Norris In Oblivion Episode 1

Chuck Norris as a homicical maniac who eats hearts for breakfast. Special appearances by Steven Seagal and Sean Connery. Violence. Lots of violence. Like "this is what I was working on before going out and shooting people on campus" violence. And sex too. And dog killing. A bit much for me, but it is well done.

Dancing Ninja with Fish

Hot anime babe in a black catsuit wielding a fish and dancing along to the Numa Numa song. Needs to some work, but... You know.... Hot anime babe. Black catsuit. Wielding a fish. What more do you need in life? Special appearance by Glarthir!
And, don't miss David vs. Goliath. No fish, otherwise has all the components of a great video (see above).

Demo of Disco Spell

Demo of PJ's Disco Spell. Awesome work! AND rather than just watching the video, you can play it! Download the mod and disco your enemies to death! See also PJ's other spell demos.

FCOM Convergence Trailer (Also at Stage6)

Excellent trailer for dev_akm's FCOM Convergence plus the four overhauls that it reconciles (Fran's, OOO, WarCry and MMM). If you're a console player, prepare to wail and gnash your teeth over what you're missing. Special appearance by yours truly at the 5:20 mark. No anime babes, but pipe smoking Tang Mo sorcerer credit scene compensates amply for that!
(The Stage6 version is much higher resolution, but eats more bandwidth and requires that you have the DivX decoder installed.)

Guild Wars vs. Morrowind vs. Oblivion

Oblivion! No, Morrowind! Or is it Guild Wars??? Which is better??? Now, you decide as characters from the games dance off against each other. Special appearances by Fargoth and the Dungeon Master of Dementia!

Imperial Guard Song

Pay the court a fine or serve serve your sentence! You've violated, violated, violated, violated the law! Just because you're an imperial guard thief nabber, doesn't mean you can't keep the beat! Nice bit of techno takeoff on some common Oblivion dialog.

Numa Numa: Oblivion

The emperor rises from the dead, water walks out on Lake Rumare along with Mai'q the Liar and other Cyrodilian notables, and... show off their interpretation of the Numa Numa song! Pretty much the polar opposite of "Chuck Norris in Oblivion."

Oblivion Domino Day 1

Awesome display of Oblivion physics! First in a series! Special appearance by the Adoring Fan!

Oblivion Gameplay Spoof

What if real life were more like Oblivion? Oh... Hmm... Makes you appreciate the RLUI (Real Life User Interface) a bit more. Hillarious (at times).

Playing with the Adoring Fan

Adoring fan at dive rock again, but this one is a bit... different. Special appearance by Michelle Kwan.

Valkyrie321's Videos

Gorgeous, professional quality videos. Essentially these are stories set in Oblivion told through Oblivion video with text and/or voice overlay set to excellent soundtracks. There's a about 14 of these (see link above). Here are direct links to a few: