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Heya, bumbos. I like Oblivion and I like mods, so here's both.


Name and Link Pros Cons Rating Notes
Oblivion Script Extender A lot of mods require this to work. 10/10 If you have the Steam version, you need to keep the overlay on for it to work.
Nexus Mod Manager Downloads mods from Oblivion Nexus and installs them for you and it's perfectly safe and very easy to use. Also supports games like Skyrim, Morrowind and Fallout 3. Kind of slow and glitchy, but it's due to how it's still in beta (after three years) and how the Nexus servers are always having problems. 9/10 According to a lot of people, Mod Organizer is much better, but, to be honest, NMM does everything I need it to and it does it well enough, so I never really found the need for MO.
Wrye Bash Can make mods compatible with each other with the Bashed Patches that are simple to make and can merge mods as well as plenty of other features. Bashed Patches are pretty good at causing crashes if you did something slightly wrong while making one. 9/10 It was made by a monkey in his spare time.
Better Oblivion Sorting Software Automatically sorts out your load order on startup and provides useful information about your current plugins, such as missing .ESMs, side notes, incompatibilities, what should be cleaned etc. Also works with Skyrim and Fallout 3. 10/10
TES4Edit Allows you to clean mods for better compatibility and plenty of other features. 10/10 It is pretty much mandatory for everyone who will ever use this to watch the tutorials. Gopher made a really good tutorial over here for TES5Edit, but most of this applies to TES4Edit too, since they are essentialy the same thing, just for two slightly different games.
Fast Exit Most people experience annoying errors when quitting Oblivion. This not only prevents that, it saves the changes you made in the video settings or controls into the .ini when you quit, so you no longer have to reset your settings when you restart the game. 10/10 Requires OBSE.
FOV Modifier Oblivion's default low console FOV can give headaches and nausea, and that was the exact problem for me. Before I discovered this mod, I always had to open the console to change my FOV, and that was incredibly annoying. This mod just changes your FOV to 90, and that's pretty much it. You can also set a custom FOV. 10/10 Requires OBSE


! Name and Link Pros Cons Rating Notes
Enhanced Water 2.0 Makes changes to the water to make it more realistic and aesthetically pleasing. For example, making water more foggy, enhancing ripples, etc. Completely overhauls how the game renders water. Some issues with reflections. 9/10


Name and Link Pros Cons Rating Notes
Alternative Begginings Does exactly what it sounds like, AND without breaking the main quest. You can find the Amulet of Kings near Fort Ash, just on the way to Chorrol. 10/10