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I didn't start playing Elder Scrolls, and in fact knew almost nothing about the series, until Skyrim came out. I not only purchased it, but I ended up getting the Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn DLCs as well. I currently have 2,400 hours on Skyrim, and play The Elder Scrolls Online as well. I briefly played Oblivion, beating The Shivering Isles and the main questline, but didn't like the menu setup and the inability to draw your bow and NOT be forced to shoot an arrow.


One Handed, Archery, Light Armor, Alteration, Restoration, Conjuration, Smithing, and Enchanting are what I primarily focus on. I also level Sneak and Lockpicking, but rarely put points into either one.

I mainly use bows at first, then switch to a one-handed sword and Alteration "skin" spells to increase defense, then switch to the Conjuration spell Bound Sword to dual-wield. I use Restoration spells to heal myself if I need to, but do use healing or magicka potions in a pinch. Started off playing Dunmer (and still think they look the best), but switched to Argonian due to their race fitting my playing style better, not to mention the free Waterbreathing. I play on PC, and have updated/added information on the Skyrim section of the UESP on a fairly regular basis, but I do not claim to know everything.

I always side with the Legion with the Civil War questline, partially because the Stormcloaks call me "Lizard" and their "Skyrim belongs to the Nords!" warcry doesn't appeal to my Argonian.

The Elder Scrolls Online

I have an Argonian Templar on Ebonheart Pact, a Bosmer Nightblade on AD, an Altmer Lightning Sorcerer on Aldmeri Dominion, two Dunmer Dragonknights (one's a tank on Daggerfall Covenant, the other's a fire mage on Ebonheart Pact), and two Wardens (one's a frost mage/healer Breton on Daggerfall Covenant, the other's a Stam Druid on Aldmeri Dominion). My account name is @VycDarkshadow, and I play PC on the NA server.


I can be found on Twitter, Twitch or on Steam, if you actually care enough to find me.

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