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Joined 30 June 2007
One thing before you look at anything else. I really like shiny things such as si... Oooh! Look! Shiny!!!
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Hiya! You've reached my user page! I am an active teenager with too much time and a computer on her hands. Originally from Russia, I moved to the United States when I was eight. However, I still speak (and write) Russian pretty well. I've been editing since June, 2007. Much of my work here consists of patrolling edits, fixing images, and doing other tasks that bots can't handle... although several of them require good judgment, so the quality of those edits is disputable...

I don't play much Oblivion these days, and I have given up on beating Arena. If you have any comments about my edits, or have questions about editing and the UESP in general, feel free to leave a message on my talk page. And to those who are wondering, Vesna means Spring in Russian.

What Projects I'm currently doingEdit

  • Maintaining and subpaging the archives
  • Nothing much, really... any ideas?

What Major Things I've DoneEdit

  • Over 300 images fixed (hooray Photoshop!)
  • A lot of repetitive bot work
  • Archived most of the wiki's discussions on the Community Portal and the Administrator Noticeboard
  • Patrolling and cleaning pages

Maybe I should change my name to VesnaBot......


  • Azǔ - List of bot jobs for me to do.
  • Buki - Editor Bloopers Page