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I use this wiki a lot so I thought I might try to help a bit.

User-userbox-UESPholic 4.png This user scored 2470 points on the UESPholic Test.
User-userbox-Oghma Icon.png This user is a Loremaster.
User-userbox-Oblivion.png Entered the Realms of Oblivion
User-userbox-Shivering Isles.png Lost his Mind at the Shivering Isles
OB-icon-Knights of the Nine.png Fought for the Knights of the Nine
User-userbox-Morrowind.gif Arrived in Morrowind
User-userbox-Tribunal Logo.png Watched the Fall of the Tribunal
User-userbox-Bloodmoon.jpg Howled to the Bloodmoon
SR-icon-logo.jpg Continued his journey in Skyrim
SR-icon-Dawnguard.png Aided the Dawnguard
SR-icon-Dragonborn.png Mastered all trials of a Dragonborn
SR-quest-Elisif's Tribute.jpg and worships the Nine Divines