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A selection of TheEnigmaticMan's favourite mods.Edit

Herein stands a table detailing those mods of special interest and profound meaning to TheEnigmaticMan.


Those mods intent on the beautification of Oblivion.

Mod Description The Good The Bad The Ugly
Book Jackets.

Adds unique covers to all books, including titles on the bindings.

Libraries are now much easier to navigate.


Some books appear upside-down on bookshelves.

Clocks of Cyrodiil.

For those gentlemen to whom punctuality is everything, Clocks of Cyrodiil is essential, adding as it does a wide variety of handsome clocks to the many edifices of cyrodilic cities.

Lends an air of realism to the game - how do those not blessed with an f4 button know the time?


Quite the reverse.

The Elven Map.

A full colour, textured map.


New icons do not mix well with DarkUI'd Darn. They become very small.


DarkUI'd DarN

Renders the UI interface a far more useful affair, allowing one to see many more items in their inventory at once.

More convenient, customisable interface.

Can make map icons rather small with certain map mods.

Nothing to my prejudice.


Those mods providing new places in which to domicile oneself.

Mod Description The Good The Bad The Ugly
Ancient Towers.

Two towers filled with interesting things, like a renewable Oblivion Gate.

Two shops, new weapons, massive display room, jewel waterfall, rooms which are maps...

No unique dialogue.

The wayshrine atop the first tower looks slightly askew.


Those mods making changes to the properties of gameplay elements.

Mod Description The Good The Bad The Ugly
Better Hunting.

Changes the price of pelts and meats, making it possible to earn a living through hunting. For example, a Bear Pelt is now worth 100 Septims. Also adds an NPC operated hunting store in Weye.

Hunting is now economically viable.



Blood Potions.

This mod adds various blood potions to the game, allowing vampires to slake their thirst in the field. After all, a gentleman can hardly be expected to abandon his present endeavours at the bidding of so primitive and macabre an urge, can he?

One can ingest blood at any time, and can advance vampiric state at such a rate as entirely obsoletes the obligatory three day wait.




Those mods facilitating rapid transit throughout Cyrodiil.

Mod Description The Good The Bad The Ugly
Akatosh Mounts.

Adds selectable dragon mounts to the game. All of them are modelled from Akatosh's dragon avatar. They are capable of both flight and combat.

They are very fast and allow rapid transit between locations. Commands are included as well as saddlebags.

Can teleport with you, despite the rest command.
Is also a tad too rapid for my liking.

There are some minor animation problems.


Those mods adding merchants, purveyors and all manner of service providers.

Mod Description The Good The Bad The Ugly
Arcane Bank of Cyrodiil.

A bank which generates interest on both gold and enchantment points.

Can increase the player's wealth dramatically, and provides instant access to recharge points.

No unique dialogue.

Strangely placed entrance - in the middle of the street.