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I'm Sweat BoyX8, call me Sweat for short. I'm currently working on writing the inventories of the essential NPCs, starting from the end of the list.

Character Inventory & Spell template (not the WikiMedia one) that I followEdit

[name] is wearing a

  • full set of [material] armor
  • near full set of [material] armor including the [armor], [armor], and [armor]. [Refer to this list]
  • along with [material] [armor]
  • with matching [material] [armor], [armor], and [armor]
  • along with (a) [quality] [clothing item]
  • with (a) matching [clothing], [clothing], and [clothing]
  • [quality] [clothing]
  • with (a) matching [clothing], [clothing], and [clothing]

[He/She] is also carrying a [type] [weapon],

  • a(n) [item], a(n) [item], and [number] [gold]


  • ([he/she]) knows no spells.
  • ([he/she]) knows the following spells: [spell], [spell], and [spell]. [In order of listing in the TESCS NPC window.]

NPC Item priority listingEdit

  1. helm
  2. cuirass
  3. bracers/gauntlets
  4. boots
  5. greaves
  6. shield

Inventories & Spells writtenEdit