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I'm Pedro Cairo, and I live in the city of Vitória da Conquista, somewhat near to Salvador. I'm currently at the last year of High School, and I'm a Portuguese UESPWiki administrator. — Please check my Portuguese UESPWiki Page for more info on that matter. I'm a WikiGnome at EN, but usualy very active at PT.


  • I'm currently working on a The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard Unofficial Translation project to portuguese.
  • I'm currently working on my own on a The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall Unofficial Translation project to portuguese.
  • I'm assisting on a The Elder Scrolls: Online Unofficial Translation project to portuguese.


  • I'm interested in a whole bunch of games, regardless of genre and age. Check my Steam page to see my most played games, or add me as friend if you want to.
  • I'm also interested in Sci-fi and Medieval-Fantasy Books, and as you may expect, my favorites writers are J. R. R Tolkien and Isaac Asimov.
  • Drawing is also a interest, but unfortunately I don't practice very often.
  • I absolutely love the visual aspects of cinema, regardless of the type of movie, I'm very interested in stunning shots.
  • I listen to many musical genres, looking foward to listen at least one new album every day.

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