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About MeEdit

What means the username ?Edit

Just some capital letters of my full name.


I'm from central Europe, I'm at the end of my twenties and have a degree in an area of engineering science, not just a bachelor, an actual university degree. I have never been fond of English, have never spoken or written it voluntarily, but since it's the language used at the UESP and mostly everywhere else on the web, there is little I can do about it. Perhaps because of my provisos, my actual English is not as good as it could be, but at last I try for a certain standard in my contributions.

Me and TESEdit

I've never been a great fan of RPG, when I was younger, I was mostly into strategic games and the only RPG I ever played before I played a game of the TES series was Eye of the Beholder III.

Accidentally I got the hold of Morrowind in spring 2005 and I was very impressed by the game. After I played it and its two Add-Ons, and when I refer to "play" I mean play it through, I wanted to play the two antecessors TES:Arena and TES:Daggerfall as well, because of integrity. I played Arena through until summer 2006. Since fall 2006 I've played Daggerfall several times, and between this sessions, Oblivion, KotN and SI, which I have never completed. I also have TES:Battlespire and TES:Redguard, but I've never played them actually, I just looked shortly into them.

Even after I've played almost all games of the TES, my interest in RPG is not greater than it was before.

Daggerfall and the UESPEdit

I've found the UESP rather early, back then when it was still the old one. When the site was upgraded, the articles on Daggerfall remained the same, probably because very few people play it nowadays.

Since I had nothing better to do during the summer, I decided back than in June, to introduce my accumulated knowledge of Daggerfall to the community. Since I've played the game for nearly two, years now, not all the time of course, I've gathered quite some knowledge, but I'm far from saying that I'm omniscient of every aspect of the game.

Especially regarding hacking into the game, I'm not as knowing as I wanted myself to be. Although I've a knowledge in languages, these are mostly scientific ones and not as useful in this application as C/C++ or other more common ones. Therefore I have to use programs, that were written back then, when the games was still popular. The problem is, most of the regarding pages have been down for many years and with them the tools.

Future PlansEdit

Although I don't know whether I can pay much attention to the UESP in the future, I will try to keep my distributions on a regular basis, particularly since I'm the only one, who has expanded the Daggerfall section in that amount, during the last months.


For the year 2009Edit

Well, it has been quite some time since I did something on this page. I can say, since I started to distribute on this site, my knowledge of Daggerfall, especially its internal processing and the game-engine, has grown considerable. This circumstance was certainly the only good aspect of the past year. The knowledge I collected the past months has allowed me now a deep insight within the processing of Daggerfall quest. And this allows me to manipulate quests and ultimately create new quest. I don't know if I will carry this idea further, for now I plan to contribute some badly needed quest bug-fixes. Her is a small preview, a bug-fix for the Daggerfall Tutorial. If anyone could give me a feedback, whether such quest bug fixes are welcome, or not I might consider this idea further.


This is the actual project I'm working at the moment. I'm calling it DFQFIX (Daggerfall Quest-FIX). When it is done it will be the most up-to-date bug-fix for the Daggerfall quests.

My thoughts on SkyrimEdit

Well, this time it has been even longer since I've updated this page, (first time since 2009) most of all because I don't really have much to say, let alone on my own user page, which basically is just for my own purposes. The only ES related change is the fact that I've finally played and completed the MQ of TES V some time ago. I don't want to give this game a personal review here, but just share some thoughts about it, even if this is purely for myself.

The main reason, among some other personal related things, I've waited that long to give this game a try was my disappointment with the flat and lame story of TES IV. Then there was this stupid dragon-thing. I believe the ES did not suffer in any way from the lack of dragons appearing in the previous games (beside the one in Redguard). In my opinion dragons and the likes of them are more than overrated and therefore overused, but as in most fantasy related games/movies, these creatures have to show up sometimes anyway. If they don't it's apparently no true medieval-fantasy world. Then there were the "improvements" to the gameplay; classes, attributes, even more skills than in Oblivion and key-features that were present since TES Arena, were simply skipped. And health recovers on it's own over time, even when not resting, unlimited stamina while running and more unrealistic nonsense. Regarding all these weakenings of the classic RPG I wasn't especially anxious to play this chapter of the series. However since I've played all other games of the series thorough (except Redguard which I've not played further since 2009) and for the sake of integrity, I finally made up my mind in spring 2013 and gave it a try. And in the end I'm left with a mixed opinion. It was not as bad as I had expected but... Game of the Year? In this context I must also mention, unlike TES IV which I've played rather early after it has been released and therefore was much more the original vanilla game, this time I've played a throughly modified and improved game. The first two weeks I've spent only with gathering informations on which mods I should use and haven't done anything beside installing the game and the official patches. This fact alone leaves me with mixed feelings, because technically speaking I've never played the original game.