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My name is correctly spelled; Lee Carré.

I was made in the 6220s RT (1980s CE); I'm in my 4th decade.

I'm from north-west Europe.


Elder Scrolls[edit]

I first entered Tamriel at Seyda Neen in 6244 RT (2003 CE), and have played regularly, since. From 6256 RT (2015 CE) onwards, I mostly play as a Redguard warrior, using the OpenMW engine. In total, I've probably clocked up playing-time in the region of the low-thousands of (real-time) hours.

TES3 is certainly my favourite episode of the series, as well-articulated by Why You Should Still Play Morrowind. I'm unlikely to play later games, separately; mostly because of their being proprietary and DRM-infested, especially TES5. However, I intend to make use of Project Tamriel to explore non-Morrowind provinces (Cyrodill, Skyrim, et alii) using OpenMW and with TES3's game-mechanics.


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