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I made an account, and the site said I could make a userpage, so vanity took over. That said, I really don't have much to say...
I own ESO on PC, Xbox, and PS4. I bought it on PC before it was on consoles, then got it on the cheap when they were selling PC users the console versions for $20USD, and someone I know got a freebie digital for PS4 and was uninterested... So I ended up with it.
I mainly play on Xbox One, and have only recently gotten back into it.
I've been a lurker on UESP since Oblivion, and just recently joined the UESP Discord which drove me to starting an account!
I'm bad at being a people, and I'm a straight up n00b when it comes to doing a wiki, but I'll do my best to be beneficial to UESP!