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Along with Quarn (and much recent work by Arthmoor) Kivan is the author of the three Unofficial Patches for Oblivion, though they are very much a community effort in that numerous people have contributed fixed files, script code, effort in cleaning up the outdoor areas, and of course, scads and scads of bug findings.

He's been working on them them since June 2006, and solo since May 2007 when Quarn stopped working on Oblivion modding completely.

Prior to this, Kivan expended his efforts on fixing up bugs in the Baldur's Gate series of RPG's (Baldur's Gate I, II - Shadows of Amn and its Throne of Bhaal expansion.) His site Baldurdash derives its name from this, and his nick "Kivan" was an NPC in Baldur's Gate I. Kivan liked the name because it was very similar to his own (Kevin), the NPC was of Chaotic Good alignment (which matches Kivan's personality the closest,) was very single-minded in his goal (which can be said of Kivan's spending years working on his unofficial patches,) and disappeared completely when his work was done (he was not even mentioned in Baldur's Gate II. Kivan will probably do the same when the bugfixing is completed and the last unofficial patch uploaded.)

That's about all about Kivan, as he's too busy with his Unofficial Patches to write much about himself!