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Elder Scrolls Lore Quiz is a quiz that allows you to test your knowledge of the Elder Scrolls Universe and the Elder Scrolls games, particularly the Lore. You can discuss the quiz here or on this page's talk page. If you want to start right away go here.

About the QuizEdit

The quiz deals with issues from politics, religion, culture, history and geography of the Elder Scrolls Universe. This includes:

  • all five Elder Scrolls games released so far: Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim, including their sequels and plug-ins
  • most of the major spin-offs of the Elder Scrolls: Battlespire and Redguard (this quiz was made before 2014 and thus lore from Elder Scrolls Online is scant)
  • both Elder Scrolls books and both editions of the Pocket Guide to the Empire

No questions concern what UESP defines as OOG ideas and most of them are taken from in-game books and some from fundamental quest storylines. All the answers to them are found somewhere in the Lore namespace on the UESP.

There are four variants of the quiz. They cover the same basic information and most of the questions have their equivalents in other variants.

There is a maximum of 100 points and there are no negative points. Since you'll have to manually keep your score, i.e. record your answers somewhere to assess their accuracy later, you'll be kindly asked not to cheat.

Structure of the QuizEdit

Problem Max. Points No. of Questions Total
I. 2 5 10
II. 2 5 10
III. 4 5 20
IV. 4 5 20
V. 1 10 10
VI. 1 10 10
VII. 5 2 10
VIII. 10 1 10
Total 100

The quiz has eight types of problems to be solved:

  1. Choose one or two terms that fit the designated criterion. – You'll be shown five criteria, each having five terms assigned to it. You'll have to choose either one or two terms that you consider fit the criterion. Either way, the maximum for a correct criterion is 2 points. You get only 1 point if you failed to choose one of the two correct terms or if you chose two terms when only one was correct.
  2. Choose one term that doesn't fit the designated criterion. – Opposite of the last question, you'll be shown five criteria, but you'll have to single out the intruder among the four terms assigned to them. Each correct criterion yields 2 points.
  3. Sort the terms by the designated criterion. – You'll be given five criteria by which you have to sort four terms. E.g. a possible answer would be "1, 2, 3, 4". Maximum for a correct criterion is 4 points. You get 1 point for each term you put in the correct place. E.g. if the above example was correct 2, 3, 4, 1 would yield 0 points while 1, 3, 4, 2 would yield 1 point.
  4. Connect one term from the first column with exactly one term from the second column. – You'll be given five pairs of two columns from which you'll have to pair up terms. Most of the questions have one or more terms in the second column extra. Maximum for a correct question is 4 points. Each correct pair yields 1 point.
  5. Answer the following questions with a single term. – You'll be given ten questions to which you'll have to answer with what you consider to be the most adequate answer. Try to mind the spelling of certain terms, such as names of people, locations and events. Do note that some questions have multiple answers, e.g. you can answer both Hestra and Empress Hestra, so you needn't worry about that. Each correct answer yields 1 point.
  6. Choose whether the following statements are true or false. – You'll be given ten statements for which you'll have to choose either T (if they're true) or F (if not). Each correct answer yields 1 point.
  7. Answer questions with the help of the following text/picture. – You'll be shown one short text and one picture (unrelated to each other), and you'll be asked five questions about each. Each correct answer yields 1 point.
  8. Connect the following quotes with the source. – Much like with the fourth type of problem, you'll be shown ten quotes and ten possible sources of that quote, either people who said it, the book where it's from or both (books are in italics). Each correct pair yields 1 point.

Before you take the QuizEdit

With over forty questions, the quiz is long. Be sure to be able to spend approximately 20 minutes on it.

The quiz is also hard and requires both knowledge of facts and actual understanding of facts. Make sure you brush up a bit on any field of which your knowledge is lacking (from the aforementioned five above).

However, you won't be asked to know every last detail. For an example, you won't be asked to name the year in which Empress Hestra died, but you could be asked to put several rulers of the Alessian Empire in a chronological order.


The four variants of the quiz, with solutions at the end, hidden by default:


This how the answer sheet should look: