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This is a list of mods I use in Oblivion and Morrowind.

My ModsEdit

Do not take any of the ideas I post here seriously; there is very little chance that any of these mods will be finished completely, though most of them will most likely make it to the Alpha stage.

  • The Psijic Order: As of November 7, 2011 I'm working on a mod that I've decided to call, rather unimaginatively, "The Psijic Order". Simply put, it will introduce the Psijic Order to the game (Morrowind; I may create Oblivion and Skyrim versions eventually) as a joinable faction with somewhere around 7-10 ranks, 50+ NPC's, 20-30 new books, and roughly 16 quests. My reckoning is that it'll take anywhere from 6 months to a year to complete (including Demos, Alphas, and Betas). I'll most likely have a demo (probably only one quest, a few NPCs, a new building, and perhaps a few books) up on PES by the end of this year.
  • Necromancer Covens: A small little mod for TESV: Skyrim, Necromancer Covens will feature small groups of necromancers in various caves, ruins, etc. For the most part, they will be friendly, and will center more around learning and research rather than the usual stereotypical necromancer doings. Though this is only a scrap of an idea, it is something to help me gain experience with the CK and an opportunity to use up my spare time.


Kalis -- Do NOT forget to add your recommended SK mods here once you compile a list. I mean it. I will hurt you. Badly. You think I'm joking? Then you better keep one eye open tonight...


Immersion, Locations, Overhauls, and QuestsEdit

  • Giskard's Cyrodiil Upgrade Mod Pack The pack is a little old now so here is a link where updates can be found - Link Broken -- A collection of Giskard's mods. I highly recommended it for any Lore fan. The pack includes:
    • Origin of the Mages Guild -- Probably my favorite out of all of these mods, Giskard's OMG (an interesting acronym) mod basically picks up where the OB Mage's Guild quest line left off, allows you to rebuild the Guild, and makes the Guild Lore-friendly according to the OB book it's named after. There's also an interesting additional chapter after the end of the Main Questline, though I have yet to get to it as it takes a little while (a month or so, I'm guessing) to activate. Overall a great immersion/quest mod.
    • The Elder Council -- A mod which recreates the Elder Council as a real Council, with members to fill the chairs and regular briefings on current events. Also includes a large questline involving the Duke of Nibenay and visiting the Bosmer city of Arenthia. Recreates the Palace to house a Guild, Imperial Throne, and Provincial Offices sectors, the first of which offers a new Guild (the Legion) and associated tasks and duties. Good for immersion as far as the Legion goes, because the job pays well and the mod knows when you are cheating, giving you corruption points for it. Overall a wonderfully full immersion, location, and quest mod. There is also a Temple of the One "plug-in" per se.
    • CUO Series -- CUO (short for Cyrodiil Upgrade Overhaul) is a Lore based mod series which works to make each city correct according to the OB Guides and TES Lore. Bruma now sounds VERY windy, has several new locations, an operational smithy (which the player can possess through a brief exchange of Gold). Leyawiin is now closer to Concept Art (a river runs through the city with a Port) and there are many Black Marsh Refugees and Argonians talking ofbeing called back to their homeland. Bravil now looks like a truly rainy city with mold and decay, and is now OB Guide to Bravil friendly. Chorrol is now very Mine-based. Also adds sound effects to shops. Overall a great immersion and overhaul mod.
    • Fighters Guild Contracts -- Adds regular jobs to the Fighters Guild (mostly hunting of creatures). Basically makes the Fighters Guild feel alive, just like OMG did for the Mages Guild.
    • Cyrodiil Upgrade Overhaul -- A major Overhaul for Oblivion, it adds realism to the game. That horrific vanilla World Leveling system is removed, short chants are added for spells, some bandits and creatures are no longer hostile, and much, much more. Probably my favourite Overhaul (the only other major one being Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul; I enjoyed Giskard's more, though it did a bit less I suppose).
    • Sheogorath's Accords of Madness -- Does for the Shivering Isles what CUO did for Cyrodiil.
    • Kvatch Aftermath -- The first of Giskard's two Kvatch mods, Aftermath was, in my opinion, much more Elder Council mod-friendly, as you actually become Count by default in this mod. The other upside is the Necromancers Guild is much larger and overall more fun for me than Kvatch Rising's. However, the drawback is that Aftermath was earlier than Rising and Giskard added a LOT more detail to the latter. I love them both equally for those respective reasons.
    • Kvatch Rising -- More immersion, more detail, more everything, except... power. Yep, in this some other guy becomes Count, though I believe you can kill him and take the city for your self. Oh, and it also rebuilds the Arena. The downside is that the Necromancer Guild is smaller, more secretive, and more... standard, I think the word would be, as far as Lore goes.
    • The Necromancer -- Purely for immersion and Lore, this mod adds 6 new friendly Necromancers. It has always been one of Giskard's main goals to point out that Necromancy is not inherently evil. Some of the added Necromancers are sick creeps, and others are normal people who only want to be left to their studies instead of being hunted by nosy adventurers (that's right, you there, reading this. You who did exactly that :D ). Essentially, it basically supports the Necromancers Guild and, later on in OMG, the >>>SPOILER<<<


  • Qarl's Texture Pack -- Makes the graphics in Oblivion much more detailed and beautiful. The overhaul was a little difficult for my old computer to run, but I no longer have any problems. So as long as vanilla Oblivion runs well on your computer, your game shouldn't slow down too much, unless you're running something like RAEVWD. The other downside is that it's a friggin pain to download...
  • RAEVWD -- Really Almost Everything Visible with Distance is a mod which replaces the vanilla LOD with much more detailed amd realistic ones. Beat the living crap out of my last computer (though that's not why it broke, mind you) and so I ended up uninstalling it. I now both QTP (above mod) and RAEVWD running pretty well and I must say that it makes Oblivion appallingly beautiful. So yeah, I built (that's right I said built) an incredible machine after I came up with $600 plus enough for a good video card. So unless you have a truly magnificent processor you'll probably have trouble running both QTP and RAEVWD.


Oblivion Script Extender -- As the name implies, OBSE extends the capabilities of Oblivion's scripting. Require to run more complex mods.