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In the game there are over 750 books, notes, writs, letters, journals, recipes, tomes, etc. If the character is a book collector he cannot carry them all. The books must be transferred to a container.

It is easier to manage the collection using a list of all books in the same order as they appear in the container. This sorting order is different from that which appears elsewhere on this wiki.


The list includes books, journals, notes, recipes, and tomes that can be found in the vanilla Skyrim on all platforms. If it can transfer from the character's book inventory to a container it should be on this list.

The list provided here does not include:

1. books that can never be stored in a container because they are quest items such as Shalidor's Insights.

2. books that are consumed when used, such as a spell tome that was a reward for a ritual quest, since there are no other copies.

3. books that "never appear in the game" since they can never be collected in the first place.

4. books that are unique to down loadable content or mods, such as Minorne from Dawnguard.


For items with identical titles that do not stack there is a distinguishing parenthetical addition of either the author, the cost or some content. For example, the triple of notes for Writ of Sealing, appear as Writ of Sealing(Jyrik), Writ of Sealing(Mikrul) and Writ of Sealing(Sigdis).

There is also the special case of the notes that Urag "scribbles". There is only one entry in this list, because there are about 20 different titles he seeks and 141 possible locations for 2,820 different possible notes. In a round about way, the game handles this as one entry as well. If the character transfers notes back and forth between containers and inventory then after the transfers they will have stacked as one entry.


It may be helpful to print the list to check off those volumes collected. It can also be copied and pasted into a spread sheet or word processing document either directly from the web page (using paste-special-text or paste-special-html depending upon whether or not you want active links) or by selecting edit and copying the list from the editing box. It would be nice to have the user option to write a client side cookie on a particular computer, noting which books had been collected.

The ListEdit