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I'm one of those people who likes to beat the entire game with one save file rather than spread out over multiple save files. I play games to complete them, not to mindlessly level up. I've never understood why someone would play the game through a dozen times instead of just completing it the first time around. Exploring alternate quest lines and roleplaying are the two exceptions.

I've played Oblivion for God knows how long. I've cleared out every dungeon, explored every location, obtained every obtainable unique item, obtained every artifact (except the Oghma Infinium - I never got around to it), learned nearly every spell, unlocked every achievement, completed every questline, completed nearly every side quest, maxed out every skill, and basically anything else that means "I have no life". I beat Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles. I never got any other plugins because my internet connection can't handle downloading oneĀ :(

After over 1,000 hours of Skyrim, I'm finally starting to burn out. New DLC may rekindle my interest, but for now, my game will always be only 99% complete (seriously, I've cleared just about every dungeon in the game)

I've now moved on to Morrowind, and so far it's actually quite fun. Some game mechanics aren't very good (judging by their gait, the Argonians must have terrible hemorrhoids), but others, like the lack of fast travel and the somewhat awkward combat system, aren't so bad. In the first five minutes, I saw more variety in weapons and armor than I saw in all of Skyrim, although admittedly I had to start over half a dozen times because I kept screwing up and didn't know how to save. You truly have to direct yourself in this game, and although it can be somewhat frustrating at times trying to track down a specific person or location, all in all it's quite realistic. I hope to actually continue playing this game, unlike Redguard, which I stopped partway through and never finished.

My Gaming Computer

Although I've traditionally been a console gamer (having grown up with the PS2), I've started moving on to PC gaming. As I'll be heading off to college next year, I'll be short on space, so I'll only have room for one of these things. Regardless of what some people may say, PCs are inherently better, if for no other reasons because you get much better performance and can upgrade them easily. The only downside is that they are expensive, but I've shopped smart and waited for the right deals, and now I have a kickass computer; the specs are detailed below.