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Hi all...

Came here for game help and decided to hang around and contribute. So far I have heavily edited (almost rewritten, actually <blush>) the Cann article and done some minor edits to two others, including a much-needed (IMHO) preface to the weird undocumented Suicide Hill quest which has no clear beginning and isn't tracked at all in the Quest Log.

I wonder how many other undocumented quests exist? If more than 3 or 4, maybe we should consider a new page for "Undocumented Quests" to explain them in general because the Suicide Hill quest sure is different than the normal run-of-the-mill quests I'm used to. My main character is Level 40 and head of all Guilds, houses in every city, Madgod Sheograth, Knights of Nine etc. and this is the FIRST undocumented quest I've encountered in all that grinding.

Hope nobody is offended by my "grammar Nazi" editing, if so just say so and I'll go away. I don't mean to offend anyone, and it's several decades too late to change my English major. I'm a compulsive proofreader/editor and there's no 12-step program for that.