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I'm adding this notice merely to let the community know that although my extended absence continues, I do intend to return to the UESP more permanently in early July. Until then! - GLT|C 17:14, 5 June 2010 (UTC)


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Ok, where to start? Well, my real name's John and I'm a 28 year old guy living in Munich, Germany. I kann speak anglish good thow, as you seing. Seriously though, I'm a native english speaker who just happens to live in Munich.

I'm starting to get confused about what I want to be after I leave school. It's keeps bouncing from vet to programmer to author back to vet and so on. All three things are things I like and wouldn't mind doing. The deciding factor is probably going to be my grades at the end of school. Oh well, I'm in for a surprise, and I hope the guy marking my exam will be too!

If you're planning on reading on, I'd recommend skipping the in-game me section. It's all out of date, and I have no intention of updating it either. The section under that is ok though, it gets enough attention to stop the dust from covering it. (Do we get dust on wikis? Probably not.)

At this point I'm running out of things to write. If you really want to know more about me (for whatever reasons your strange mind may have) then I'm probably in IRC from around 16:00 to 20:00 German time! And you can work out the time difference. I can't be bothered :)

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Jiub is a male breton, born under the thief, and of the witchhunter class. He is now level 18, and rides around killing bandits, bears, and other monsters. His favourite hobby is going into a dungeon, and selling/giving away everything that he finds inside, often enchanting them before selling to maximise profits.

Jiub is the arch-mage of the Arcane University, and an apprentice in the Fighter's guild. He has started the first Dark Brotherhood mission, but not completed it, and is a shadow in the Thieve's Guild.

Alchemy is his highest skill, and also the only one in which he is a master. He's almost a master in athletics, and acrobatics, but not quite. He's getting there though.

Jiub's greatest drawback is that he can't complete the main story. He sold his copy of the Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes Book Three, not knowing that he still needed it. Because he is also a tight-fisted, money grabbing, selfish pig (As seen before in the favourite hobby sectoin), he also sold all the spares in the sewers, so as a result of this slight stupidity, he can't get any further in the story.

Morrowind players will understand the parody of Jiub's name. The person who asks you your name on the boat at the start is called Jiub, so as a joke I always answered "Jiub". And now it's the name I use on all my games.

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I joined the wiki in January 2008. My first edit being at 15:23, 4 February 2008, on Nephele's talk page. At first I only used it for quest guides, and didn't actually contribute much. Now I try to contribute as much as I can, making the wiki a more informative and substantial site.

Things I'm trying to do at the moment are:

Check out my sandbox for a more detailed list.

I currently have three Sandboxes

And four Sub Pages:
  • monobook.css - Minor personalizations of mine.
  • Bgcolor - A template that controls my userpage's background colors.
  • Age - A template displaying my age.
  • Fanfiction - A list of my fanfiction.

As a sort of time-waster I'm trying to track down the oldest contributors to the site, going by first edit. So far I have:


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My first Fanfiction contribution was A Fishy Deal, a story depicting the life of Dormien Vartus, captain of the Bravil royal guard, who has his life torn in various directions at once as he discovers a group of smugglers making a fortune in Bravil.

A full list of my fanfiction is as follows:


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haha hey JOhn (p.s i know this user I am talking to him at this moment on the phone so its not vadilism seriously jusy ask him if he knos liz =p)