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This is a colour reference chart pertaining to UESPWiki:Community Portal#Color-coded Map Icons.

Current Icon refers to the colours chosen by TRL in his existing icons.
Hold Capital refers to the colour of the Place page for the capital city of the hold.
Banner is the lightest persistent colour present in the hold banner as seen in Category:Skyrim-Banner Images. (For Solstheim, this is the colour of the House Redoran banner.)
Shield Motif is the prevalent background colour of the motif as seen in Category:Skyrim-Symbol Images. (For Solstheim, this is the colour of the off-white sash on the guard uniforms.)
Set Haafingar Hjaalmarch The Pale Winterhold The Reach Whiterun Eastmarch Falkreath The Rift Solstheim
Current Icon
Hold Capital
Shield Motif