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Hi im Dunehelm, 16 years old and has google putting links to this page when you type "uesp Dunehelm"(the contract i signed when i made this account never said anything about that at all!). I know what you may be thinking, that im a kid who knows nothing about the game. My knowledge of Oblivion and Skyrim is wide however. Since writing this, ive been on the wiki for a little over a year if you count the days before i had this account.

I live in a small town outside of Sudbury Canada(where our 500 ft tall nickle is) Ironicly not far from the founder of the uesp's home town Toronto, Im the one who posted the Sheo staff seige crawler bug that has yet to be confirmed, and i am testing my glitch to see if it is a "one-off" glitch or not.(Written April 22 2014) I love the Computer Oblvion the most, since the console allows me more flexibility to my curiosity and creativity of the many test npc's test items and so on. If anybody ever looks at this page feel free to say hello on my talk page, or if you need extra help with a bug.

My overall best Charecter(Dunehelm) of oblivion is listed further down.

Where my user name came from is a old and sadly hardly know rts game called Armies of Exigo, Dunehelm was the commander of a city called Margoth and its garrison, something about the name attracted me and i use it for every account on everything.

And finaly, not all Canadians say eh, and not all of Canada is always coverd in snow all year round.

Uesp Dunehelm.

Dunehelm schedule: Dunehelm wakes up around 7:30 morndas to fredas due to school, he stays for about six hours begore the giant yellow horseless carriage returns him to his house, he then spends his time until his supper, which is no fixed ammount of time, either doing things for or with his family, or relaxing while playing a video game. after supper, he continues which ever he was doing until around 8pm where he practices his electric guitar until 8:30 then goes back to whatever he was doing for that last half hour before he decides to get ready for sleep. For the next hour he spends tine reading or quickley checking on a few ipod games before finaly trying to get some sleep.

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Charterers:Oblivion: 1:Dunehelm(Ironic huh) Race:imperial Level:37 Likes:Killing things,Stabing things,jumping really high,running really fast,foxes that are gray,heavy armor,dive rock(the diving is fun),selling stuff. Hates:Enemies,the glitch that's keeping most of the blackwood company essential even after the quest is finished,blackwood company,drakelowe,Farwil,highway men,Imperial city house.

Lorkmir Race:Breton Level:5 Likes:so many things Hates:just as many things Reasons for being hated:(Dread)Zombie apocalypse in imperial city and locking the gates with needs a key locks,Aswell as Bruma,chorrol and skingrad hate him for same reason.

Dunehelms Story

Home City Hanmer
Province Canada
Location Canada
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 37 Class Dunehelm
Times of Day
Available On School days 3pm-2am possibly, weekends Possibly all day
Other Information
Health Lots Magicka Lots
Essential Always Respawn Yes
Gold LOTS Avail 8am-2am

My adventure started out when my sister, Serena, had suggested I head to Good ol' Cyrodiil for a good while, on the way, I joined the Theives guild but was caught on my 6th job. So I went to Prison where after some Show-boasting Dark Elf acosted me about his sentence ending soon, The Emporer Shows up with some Blades. My first thoughts, OMG all I did was steal 5000 gold from Jackben, Earl of Imbel, how can I be Executed for that!!! Thankfully the Emporer has a heart and adds me to his entourage, after some guys killed him, I met up with my thief friends in the guild and eventuly became The Gray Fox Lex is always whining about. After I became head of the Mages and Fighters guild, I remembered, hey I still have the Amulet of Kings? So I headed to Weynon Priory, then Kvatch, saved them, did Martins Shopping for some Portal Opening Ritual, killed some Delusional Altmer and his Kids, and Saved all of Tamriel from Oblivion, I was inflicted with Vamprisim(Since I escaped My Father Harkon before he could do it, but since I'm a son of Colharbour, I'm a Vampire Lord with Cyrodiil Vampire Abilitys)by some High Elf Named Seridur. About 150 years later, I'm living in Rosethorn Hall and the Thalmor Attack, Considering my Skills with Blades and Magic, The Thalmor are'nt to happy to see me anymore. So I fled to Skyrim after Skingrad Outlasted the Thalmor's Siege, and what happens? I walk into some Ambush, almost get my head cut off, nearly get killed by a Dragon and Find out I'm Dragonborn.(Had I known that 150 ago, Maybe I could have become Emperor!!!) So after killing This World Eater, My Power-Hungry Father Harkon, and some other Dragonborn Called Miraak, I started a family and is living happily.(Even After Bandits Kidnapped my wife, Shes ok.

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Dunehelm remember to get around to completing the Paradise page sometime Dunehelm, this is almost as important as Ancotars Invisibility Spell, probebly more Important!!!!!! Dunehelm (talk) 00:10, 6 May 2014 (GMT)

User:Dunehelm/ Dunehelm's Curiosity Award Template if Im even allowed to do this

To Finish it off, I had an idea one day, Since i am entering high school and taking game programing corses, if everything works out for me, ill finaly be able to understand technical information on Elder Scrolls games and thus finaly be able to understand the CS and finaly be able to give far better answers and solutions to peoples questions on talk pages. Little overkill huh.

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Due to the fact that Dunehelm is now in High School May lessen his time gathering game data and wiki edits, Sorry but school comes first where I live .