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Skyrim:Skyrim (place)[edit]


Skyrim contains many holds that each have a different climate.


The typical landscape of Eastmarch

Falkreath Hold[edit]

The typical landscape of Falkreath Hold

Falkreath is mainly a large forest, with a large lake in the middle. Towards the southern end of Falkreath, at the border to Cyrodiil, it is very snowy and mountainous.


The typical landscape of Haafingar


The typical marshy landscape of Hjaalmarch

Hjaalmarch is predominately a swampy hold, with snowy, mountainous landscapes to the southern and eastern borders. While in the hold, especially at night, there is a very noticeable, thick fog that can limit any adventurers sight so that any potential threat can get closer without being spotted.

The Pale[edit]

The typical landscape of The Pale

The Reach[edit]

The typical landscape of The Reach, with a Dragon mound in the foreground

The Reach is a very rocky, mountainous hold which has rivers cutting through it here and there. Due to the mountainous nature and many rivers, a large quantity of waterfalls are present throughout the hold.

The Rift[edit]

The typical landscape of The Rift, with the Throat of the World in the background

Whiterun Hold[edit]

The typical landscape of Whiterun Hold


The typical landscape of Winterhold, with the dozens of glaciers visible