Member since December, 2007
First Name: Ryan
MaleIcon.png This user is male.
Date of Birth / Age: July 30, 1987 / 20
Flag United States of America.gif This user is from the United States.
State: New York
User-userbox-Xbox.png This user plays on the Xbox.
Current Occupation: Unemployed
User-userbox-PC Icon.png This user plays on a Windows PC.
Experiences: Programming(C++, VB, C#.Net, HTML, some Javascript)
User-userbox-Morrowind.gif This user is knowledgeable about Morrowind.
Elder Scrolls game that I've played
(<60 hours):
Morrowind, Oblivion(Finished all quests)
User-userbox-IRC.jpg This user frequently visits the official UESP IRC chatroom.
Favorite genres: Role-playing games, First/Third Person Shooters,

Real-time/Turn-based Strategy games, Adventure, Action

Current Project(s):

Any previous Wiki experience
(Before UESP):
Besides a little editing, no.
Most of my contributions: Photos and creation of new pages.
Noteworthy contributions:
  1. Merging and revising the Factions page
  2. Re-creating the Screenshots and Concept Art
  3. Merging of the The Citadels of the Sixth House quest.
Last Updated: 05:48, 22 February 2008 (EST)