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Welcome to my User page. Unfortunately I am terrible at setting up pages (regarding HTML codes) so you might notice that it looks like crap. But hey, I'm just here to help out with the little stuff like a good little gnome.

If you have any questions, comments, consernes, or rants about my edits, please feel free to post on my talk page and I should respond within a day or less. Thanks.

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This is a comprehensive and ever updating list of all my Elder Scrolls characters.




Race: Breton

Level 50 / Playtime: 165 Hours

Special: Werewolf

Resides in: Solitude, Whiterun & Markarth

Current Gold: 130,523


Nahrz SolindEdit

Race: Khajit

Level 18 / Playtime: 9 Hours

Resides in: N/A

Current Gold: 6418


Crystal KlixEdit

Race: Breton

Level 15 / Playtime:6 Hours

Resides in: N/A

Current Gold: 12,871


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