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My name is Micah and I have been playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for about a year and a half now. I have beaten the game quite thoroughly, and several times to boot. While I occasionally try out new character types for fun or to experience the game in a different way, my usual character is an Argonian born under the Sign of the Warrior. I have a unique class called Dark Knight which I often employ.

I live in Virginia (United States), and work as a Full-Time Night Auditor at a Best Western hotel.

I write fanfiction, usually Final Fantasy based, but I have done other works. I am currently working on a novelization of Oblivion.

I design amateur games, mainly RPGs, under the title Soul Schism Games. Visit for more details on that. All my games are 100% free to download, so have fun!

I am a veteran on the TerraEarth Forums, under the name Jason Tandro. Visit to find out what it's all about. We're a pretty cool bunch.

The name Jason Tandro, by the way, is the main character in a story I am trying to write and my most commonly used alias online. I chose Azeg-Rael for this site because that is the name of my stock Argonian character on Oblivion.

I joined the wiki because I wanted to become part of the NPC Redesign Project. Stalking NPCs is easy with my full set of Chameleon Gear which allows me to observe the NPCs without having them stop what they're doing to look at/ chat with me. My personal goal is one redesigned NPC a day.

Basically this should tell you that I have no life, so I can definitely be an asset for this site. XD

Azeg-Rael: The CharacterEdit

(This is the way I completed my first game, not the character from my Novelization.)

Azeg-Rael was born in Leyawin, under the sign of the Warrior. His parents were immigrants from Black Marsh. The Countess of Leyawin's prejudice against Argonians prevented his parents from becoming more than farmers, and they worked their entire lives until they were killed by the Black Bow Bandits when Azeg-Rael was 14.

He moved to the Imperial City and worked as a cleaning boy in the Tiber Septim hotel. He was arrested for attempting to steal a large sum of gold from the owner's chest when he was 19. He served a year in the Imperial Prison and escaped under the unfortunate circumstances of the death of the Emperor Uriel Septim.

Azeg-Rael was reluctant to help the Empire that had abandoned him. His first order of business upon being freed was to eradicate the Black Bow Bandits with the help of Mazoga The Orc. He then joined both the Mages and Fighters Guild and helped them fend off their woes.

He rose to the rank of Arch-Mage after defeating the King of Worms, Mannimarco. He also killed the entire Blackwood Company and earned the title of Master of the Fighters Guild. He bought his first house in Bravil and took a month off from adventuring. However circumstances did not allow him to remain at rest.

His funds had been depleted over the month, and while he had the Mages Guild and Fighters Guild to support him, he felt wrong about taking advantage of his loyal followers. He joined the Arena to earn some funds... and found that he had acquired a taste for blood.

Rising to the rank of Grand Champion after killing the Gray Prince, he was dissapointed that he could no longer slay human lives. It would not be until much later that he killed another human.

He ran afoul of the law while helping the Order of the Virtuous Blood, and spent a month in jail. Upon being released he was invited to join the Thieve's Guild. Having created an enchanted set of armor which rendered him completely invisible (each item was enchanted with a 20% Chameleon effect, and there were six items in the armor set), his work in the Thieve's Guild was quite easy.

He became the new Gray Fox after helping the previous Gray Fox, who was in fact the missing Count of Anvil, break the curse of the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal. Upon placing the Cowl upon his head, Azeg-Rael went mad with the realization that he was now impervious to the law. He slew the entire population of Pell's Gate and then returned home to Bravil.

When he awoke the next morning, he was greeted by Lucien Lachance, and invited into his true family, The Dark Brotherhood. Azeg-Rael's desire to slay human lives was satiated by this family, and it became a replacement for the family that he had lost.

He was so good at it, that, after revealing a traitor within the Black Hand, he became the Listener: head of the Dark Brotherhood.

Shortly after that, Azeg-Rael had a nightmare, haunting visions of hellish torture. He awoke and realized that, on a mission to eradicate the vampires within Fort Redman, he had been bitten and contracted the "Vampire Disease". He examined his new fangs with his tongue and realized that it was too late. He had become a vampire.

He prayed to the Nine Divines for relief from the curse, but the gods would not listen to him. Azeg-Rael had his awakening and selflessly began to serve the Empire. Only upon ending the Obivion Crisis and driving back Mehrunes Dagon, did he learn about a cure for vampirism. He cured himself of the disease.

Guided by Talos, he continued to atone for his sins by reforming the Knights of the Nine and finally upon his final victory there, his debt with the Gods was repaid. He now lives quietly in Bravil, waiting for any other sign of evil.

Oblivion NovelizationEdit

Class: Dark KnightEdit

Specialiation: Magic Favorite Attributes: Strength, Intelligence Major Skills: Conjuation, Alteration, Illusion, Restoration, Mysticism, Sneak, Security

The Dark Knight is your generic spellsword class, but tweaked for a person who prefers the darker side of life in Cyrodiil. The great thing about this class is that it allows for super-fast leveling (see Level-Up Spells)

Level-Up SpellsEdit

Train Illusion Light 3 feet for 1 second on Self.

Train Mysticism Detect Life 3 feet for 1 second on Self.

Train Conjuration Bound Boots for 1 second on Self.

Train Restoration Restore 3 HP for 1 second on Self.

Train Alteration Feather 3 Pts. for 1 second on Self.

Casting these spells repeatedly will level up their respective skills incredibly fast. If they also happen to be your Major Skills (see Dark Knight Class) then you will level up incredibly fast. These spells each cost 1-3 Magicka, so they are easy to cast several times. Unless you were born under the Atronach, the time between casting will recover the gap in the Magicka.

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