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UESPWiki: Policies and Guidelines

Social Media Pages refer to the Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr pages maintained for and by the UESP. They allow for the posting of more minor stories that would not be appropriate for the main page, conjecture, and interaction with the Elder Scrolls community, as well as helping promote interesting projects or threads throughout the site. The benefit of these pages is twofold: helping the UESP keep in touch with its many fans, and helping the UESP community of registered users take note of other active areas on the site.

Asking QuestionsEdit

We freely accept questions asked on these pages. However, please search the UESP to see if your question is not already answered. General requests for help will generally only earn a link to a relevant article or thread. Please also try to be polite when asking questions, especially if it's taking us a while to get back to you. If you are having issues getting a reply through the social media pages, consider asking on the actual site.


The primary purpose of the social media pages is to allow for more casual community interaction, informal discussion of The Elder Scrolls franchise, and the UESP:

  • ES discussion: The primary purpose of the social media pages is to serve as another outlet for ES discussion and questions.
    • Questions about how to play the game or about specific issues within the games are to be expected. Users responding to this should either try to find a relevant page on the wiki to help them, informative forum thread, or answer to the best of their ability, if it isn't one easily answered.
    • Discussion about the setting and lore are usually less clear cut, but providing a link to related lore pages won't hurt.
    • More complicated issues relating to the games should be directed towards an appropriate page on the wiki to ask the question there. Lengthy discussion of a more philosophical nature relating to the games should be directed to the forums.
    • Discussion should primarily be about the Elder Scrolls or UESP projects, but some minor venturing out into discussion on related or similar series is fine.
  • Treat posts like you would on the front page: Any and all posts should be well written and in complete sentences, written with a professional tone, and should follow all etiquette rules for the UESP.
    • As all posts are recorded and are rather public, absolute care must be taken when posting.
    • As all comments and posts are public on the social media pages, they are automatically recorded for future consideration.
    • The social media pages cannot be used to make site decisions.
  • Casual community interaction: Fans of our social media pages also include ES players who frequent our articles and threads but may not be actively involved as registered users.
    • As the UESP exists to provide a service to all ES fans, please remember to be respectful of all questions and posts within the social media pages.
    • Treat fans as members of the UESP community and help them as fully and completely as possible within the guidelines discussed above.
  • When conflict arises: Discussions should attempt to strive to maintain a civil and, if possible, friendly tone.
    • Once again, all behavioral policies are in effect on the social media pages.
    • Major issues arising from the social media pages should be discussed on the wiki. If any participant in a discussion feels uncomfortable with the tone, they can suggest that the discussion be moved to the wiki.
    • As everything done here is extremely visible to our user base, try to follow the rules completely. A minor issue can rapidly increase in size if not checked. Infractions can result in warnings, banning from access to the social media pages, and banning on the UESP.

While the Webmasters are expected to maintain and manage these pages, policy violations on the social media pages can result in blocking on the actual site, if necessary.

Other guidelines include:

  • Please keep discussions PG-13-rated at most. This means minimal swearing, no explicit sexual content, and no other clearly mature topics.
  • The UESP does not support law breaking of any kind. Such behavior will be reported, and most likely to your internet service provider.
  • Non-English conversations are not permitted as they are considered disruptive. A couple lines in a foreign language are fine, but any more than that should be taken elsewhere, whether or not the conversations are related to The Elder Scrolls.

Changing the GuidelinesEdit

These guidelines are subject to community consensus, just the same as any other policy on UESP. If any member of the community believes that modifications to the guidelines (other than typos and grammar) are needed, the changes should be proposed on the talk page. If a community reaches a consensus in favor of the change, then it will be implemented into the main article.


The Webmasters are a trusted group of users who have access to the social media pages accounts. They have the ability to post on these pages, as well as to receive messages (where applicable) and edit content (within the limitations of each page's host site). Wiki and forum administrators, patrollers, and forum moderators are eligible for this responsibility; however, other users may be given these rights as well. These rights do not automatically grant any other position on the site. In addition to Daveh, the people with these rights are:

If you have a question, suggestion, or comment about the maintenance of the social media pages, please contact one of these users. Immediate queries can be directed to Alarra.

Suggesting ContentEdit

The Webmasters are actively seeking suggestions for community content that can be shared on our social media pages, and all UESP users are invited to offer suggestions. Some examples of the content the social media pages would like to share includes the following:

  • UESP site news: Currently, this includes topics that may and do appear on the wiki front page. New information about the ES games, stories about developers, or new areas of the wiki or forums are examples of what constitutes as site news.
  • UESP wiki projects: The social media pages can also be used to share information about current ongoing projects that need assistance, as well as to inform users and fans how to get involved.
  • Hot forum topics: Occasionally, topics of conversation are presented to the fans of the social media page, as taken from the UESP forums, for further discussion and reach among our members and readers.
    • In addition, proposing interesting topics that come up on the wiki is also welcome.
  • New Featured pages: This includes Featured Images and Featured Articles that appear on the wiki.
  • User generated content: UESP users are also invited to share ES content with us, particularly game screenshots. Certain screenshots may be featured for our "Screenshot of the Week" posts, with credit given. This is a great opportunity for anyone who has a screenshot that may not have been selected as a Featured Image.
    • The social media pages are not to be used for blatant self advertising. If you would like to share your fan art or fan fiction, please see the appropriate wiki pages or feel free to share your works on the forums in The Arts subforum.

Anyone who has suggestions regarding ideas for content to be shared is welcome to contact the Webmasters listed above or to leave their suggestions on the user talk pages. Please note that not all suggestions may be deemed appropriate for the social media pages. See our forum Suggestion Box thread also for suggestions and comments.