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The Skyrim NPC Dialogue Project is intended to update and improve the dialogue of the pages of NPCs in Skyrim.

  • This will include moving any dialogue out of the main body of text, and under its own appropriate Dialogue section, Quest-Related Events section or Conversations section.
  • Removal of over the top prose, and prose that basically says what the dialogue already tells you, prose is okay if it's giving contextual information about where this dialogue can happen, or if it can only happen after a quest for example.
  • Documentation of player dialogue, as the majority of NPC pages have no player dialogue documented.
  • Checking over dialogue that is currently on NPC pages, as some of it is missing parts that have been replaced with prose, an example of this was Addvar.
  • For the larger NPC pages, I would point to Neloth as an example of how tables can be used, alongside the correct use of prose.
  • For the smaller NPC pages, I would point to Agnis as an example, with very minor prose, containing all the dialogue she says.

  • Each NPC page will have a banner, where the editor can sign that they have done the above, and a section for someone else to peer review this work and sign that they have checked it.
    • This new banner presents a good opportunity to remove {{stub}} tags from Skyrim NPC pages. Currently this tag is widely used in the namespace to indicate "incomplete" NPC pages, which do not fall within the definition of a stub. These stub tags should therefore be removed in almost all cases and replaced with the project banner.

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