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If you're new to the site and Wiki editing in general the following tips might help get you started.

  • First, create an account and log in (top-right). Anonymous editing has been disabled to help control spam and vandalism.
  • Find the page that you wish to add or edit. Most of the major content pages have already been created for you.
  • You can also create a new page if you're adding a major topic. The easiest way is to first edit the page that will link to your new page and add a page link in the format: [[Oblivion:New Page Title|New Page Title]]. Pages can be renamed by Sysops later if needed.
  • If you are not familiar with Wiki formatting, don't worry about it and just add/edit in plain text. Formatting can be added later by more experienced editors. You can also view existing pages to see how they are formatted.
  • Once done editing be sure to save your page and that's it. Pages can be edited as many times as you need and a complete history of the changes are recorded (so if you accidentally delete half the page don't worry, it can be reverted).
  • If you need specific help just leave a message on my Talk Page or the Site Forums.