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This page is about the UESP's interactive maps found on



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  • Javascript enabled

What's NewEdit

Below is a list of improvements over the previous map system:

For users:

  • Improved mobile view & experience
  • URL live updates with current position/zoom
  • Smoother zooming
  • Faster loading times
  • Fullsceen mode
  • Many bugs fixed and polish changes made

For editors:

  • Streamlined map editor menu (RC and edit tools are in the same place)
  • Live Edit (locations, worlds update in real time as you edit)
  • Can pan/zoom map whilst adding or moving markers
  • Extended map permissions (existing roles merged into cartographer, and mapAdmin for more destructive actions)
  • Improved Recent Changes
  • Localised timestamps
  • More descriptive edits, and who did what
  • Reverting (Only for Map Admins)
  • Snap-to-grid for editing markers and polygons (areas)
  • New "Use Name as Wiki Page" switch, on by default



  • ESO: 2300 worlds, 38,000 locations
  • Skyrim: 2700 locations
  • Oblivion: 1700 locations
  • Morrowind: 1200 locations

Map Data

  • ESO: 660k images totalling 4GB
  • Skyrim: 670k images totalling 6.3GB
  • Oblivion: 54k images totalling 600MB
  • Morrowind: 22k images totalling 210MB


  • Map Views: 10-15,000 / day
  • Visitors: 100,000 / month
  • Average Visit Duration: 3:30
  • Tile Images Served: 60 / sec


Uses a modified version of Leaflet, Svelte for the UI, PHP for the backend, and Javascript

Feedback / Contact the AuthorEdit

  • Feel free to contact Dave with any comments, suggestions, or bug reports on the map.
  • Or post feedback on the Talk Page.

Source CodeEdit

Our map system source code is available on GitHub. While it was designed for use inside the UESP server architecture it is possible to use anywhere with a little editing to the code.