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This page gives details on the ESO sales data collector and viewer services.

Quick OverviewEdit

Sales data collected by the uesplog add-on and MasterMerchant data submission can be viewed online at or price data downloaded and viewed in-game using the uespLog add-on.

There are several ways to find and view specific price data:

  • In-game with the uespLog add-on: turn on price usage (/uespsales prices on) and tooltip display (/uespsales tooltip on) to show prices on tooltips.
  • Copy and paste an item link from the game into the text field on .
  • Search for a specific item type using one or more of the given options on .

There are 2 ways you can contribute to the collected sales data:

Collecting Sales DataEdit

Sales data is collected from multiple sources in-game are combined to calculate an average selling price:

  • Guild trader sales from your guilds (sold)
  • Your own guild trader listings (listed)
  • Searches from any guild trader that you use (listed)
  • Manual scans of all guild listings when on a guild trader or bank store (listed)

Note that data imported from MasterMerchant saved variable files only includes the first item while data from the uespLog add-on includes all sources of data.

Automatic CollectionEdit

You can enable or disable collection of guild sales data by using the command:

    /uespsales on

Manual CollectionEdit

Most of the sales data collection in the uespLog add-on is automatic with the exception of full scans of guild listings which must be done manually. When you are are a guild trader or bank store interface you can use the command:

    /uespsales scan

to scan all listings of the guild (for all guilds when at the bank store). While the scan is in progress you must remain at the trader/bank and not perform any manual searches. You can stop scanning at anytime by using the /uespsales stop command or by simply exiting the trader interface. A full scan can take anywhere from a several seconds to several minutes depending on the number of items the guild has for sale. A guild with the maximum amount of items (15,000) will take around 7 minutes for a complete scan.

Once you finish a full scan of guild listings any subsequent scans for that guild will only scan new items added since the previous scan and will take much less time to complete. You can reset listing timestamps by using the commands:

    /uespsales resetlist all
    /uespsales resetlist [guildname]

Viewing Sales DataEdit

All collected sales data can be viewed online at which has a simple interface for searching for a specific item from either an item link copied from the game or through item text, types and attributes. The resulting prices can be copied to the clipboard and then pasted in-game.

Price data can also be seen and used in-game by using the uespLog add-on. Turn on price usage and tooltip display with the commands:

    /uespsales prices on
    /uespsales tooltip on

and price data for items that have it will be displayed on all item tooltips. Price data can be pasted to the chat by right-clicking the item/tooltip and choosing the UESP Price to Chat menu item. The type of sales data used to compute the average price can be adjusted to use only listed items, only sold items, or both with the commands:

    /uespsales saletype list
    /uespsales saletype sold
    /uespsales saletype both

Updating In-Game PricesEdit

Note that unlike MasterMerchant the in-game price data is not updated dynamically while you play but must be periodically updated by downloading new price data from and copying the uespSalesPrices.lua file over the existing file in the uespLog add-on directory.

Listed vs Sold DataEdit

There are two different categories of sales data which is collected and used to compute the average price:

  • Sold -- Actual purchases from guild traders.
  • Listed -- Items available for sale from guild traders.

The listed items have the benefit of having more data to compute an average price but may result in a higher than usual price due to items for sale at too high of a price. Sold items have the benefit of being a more accurate price for items.

Known IssuesEdit

Duplicate or Missing Guild Listings

Currently an item for sale is identified by its Guild, Seller, Price, Qnt and List Timestamp. Unfortunately, due to the game design the list timestamp can vary by several seconds from search to search depending on the lag/latency between the server and client. Currently list timestamps are truncated to the nearest 10 second interval to reduce the chance of creating duplicate listings. This has the side-effect of making it impossible to distinguish identical guild listings posted within 10 seconds of each other.

Interrupt Guild List Scans

When you initiate a manual scan of guild store listings with /uespsales scan you rarely run into the situation where the scan is interrupted by a "Too many searches in rapid succession" error message. Currently the uespLog add-on is unable to distinguish this from a normal end of guild listings event. You can force the scan to continue by noting the page where the scan was interrupted and run the commands:
    /uespsales resetlist current
    /uespsales scan [LASTPAGE]

Crafted Potions Not Working

Currently crafted potions are not being listed/displayed properly and potion effects cannot be searched for. Potion names are also incorrect. This will be fixed "soon".

Potential FeaturesEdit

The following are features that are considered:

  • Advanced average price calculation including outlier detection and weighted averages.
  • Basic price graph display on the web interface.
  • In-game price rating on guild trader listings and tooltips (similar to MasterMerchant).
  • Find similar items.
  • Popup/auto-fill item links when searching (like TamrielTradeCentre web page).
  • Sort by fields.